I’m now on NetGalley

I did it 🙂 I registered at NetGalley last weekend, which was really easy btw. Just fill out everything that required and you’re good to go.

I think NetGalley is really cool with providing bloggers free books so we can spread the word about said books. I always wanted to be a member since I knew about NetGalley, but I didn’t have a blog. Now that I have, I thought: What are you waiting for?

The good part about NetGalley is that not all books are “request”-books, that means books the publisher has to agree to let you read, there are some “read now”-books, which are directly available and you can start the moment you click on them.

eBooks from NetGalley are available for Kindle, every other reading device and also as pdf-files, so you can read them on your computer/laptop.

But don’t forget to send your feedback to the publisher’s otherwise your approval/feedback-quote will fall.

I already requested some books and I was already accepted for one (yeay!), but I don’t think the other publisher will accept me, even if I would really love to get the eARC of Blood Wolf Dawning.:(

Well, yeah, just wanted to tell you 😉

If you have any problem with NetGalley there are a lot of FAQ-pages and also a e-mail-customservice.


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