Teaser Tuesday #15 | First Paragraph Tuesday Intros #3

I decided to combine the Teaser Tuesday, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading, with the First Chapter ~ First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, hosted by Bibliophile By the Sea.

I needed a lot of time to decide if I really wanted to feature this today. I just don’t like it that much *cough* at all *cough*. The book is just ridiculous. No offense if you liked it.

Paragraph and Teaser from A Touch Of Crimson by Sylvia Day. Book #1 of her Renegade Angels-series.

Opening paragraph:

“Phineas is dead.” The pronouncement hit Adrian Mitchell like a physical blow. Gripping the handrail to counterbalance his shaken composure, he rounded a bend in the stairwell and looked at the seraph who ascended abreast of him. With the relaying of the news, Jason Tayler advanced into Phineas’s former rank as Adrian’s second-in-command. “When? How?”

Teaser from 25% / from the page I’m currently at:

She realized she knew little about the things she’d been hunting, which had made the killing so much easier. She was going to have to put them into context now, possibly humanizing them in process, while still slaying them.

16 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday #15 | First Paragraph Tuesday Intros #3

  1. I have read one or two things by Sylvia Day which I quite enjoyed although I’d never go to her for an interesting plot.In all honesty the intro and teaser don’t really grab me either, so I can see why you’re not so happy with it! Sorry for being so late with commenting today! Thanks for sharing 🙂 have a great week!
    My Tuesday Post
    Juli @ Universe in Words


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