[Review] SEALs of Winter (Short Story Collection)

I told myself I would only start reading this a week before christmas, but I already read all of the short stories I wanted to read. Bad me. LOL, now I’m in a mood for christmas.

A Seal For Christmas by Jennifer Lowery ~ 4,5 stars
This was my favourite of the two short story I’ve read. It was sweet with a potion of danger. I loved Donovan’s big family, they were this noisy but lovely bunch of people. I would have loved a full novel.

Fall Hard by Zoe York ~ 4,5 stars
Both main characters were really sweet. When the story starts the are something like friends, but that changes and they are really cute while fulfilling their promise of three dates before actual sex. This little tidbit of information about Jared being a virgin was also not excepted, but made him look more mature (don’t ask me why, just felt that way).

So the rating for only this two short stories is:
4,5 out of 5 stars

I  was only interested in Fall Hard and A Seal For Christmas, so I won’t review the others. I however might read them in the next couple of week, but I’m not sure about that so I won’t included them in this review.

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