[Review] Blood Wolf Dawning by Rhyannon Byrd

Synopsis: If this was what falling for someone did to a person—what craving them felt like—then Sayre Murphy wanted no part of it…
Ever. She might be young and inexperienced, but she was a woman. And she had finally had enough! Cian Hennessey might be the most magnificent, infuriating, arrogant male she had ever known. But the tall Bloodrunner treated her as if she were nothing more than a child, making it painfully clear that despite whatever connection they shared, he’d never see her as an adult female. After disappearing from her life for five years, the werewolf was back, claiming that she was in serious danger and must drop everything to go with him immediately.
Cian was as deadly as he was beautiful. But the young witch knew he would never cause her physical harm. The safety of her heart, however, was a different matter…

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Bloodrunners #7
Date of Publication: January 01st, 2015
Cliffhanger: No
HEA/Happy End: Yes

Rating: 4 Stars ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

I requested this on NetGalley when it became available, but sadly I was rejected.

So I had to wait to the first of January to finally get and read it.

Before starting to read this I was kind of afraid, because there was a time gap of five years, between Dark Wolf Returning and this one. But I didn’t need to be afraid, because this time gap made perfectly sense. It worked beautifully for the story. Even though I wanted Sayre to pull a stunt like Sienna (Kiss of Snow, Nalini Singh) did.

Even though she did not pull such a stunt, she was still awesome. She is smart, forgiving, understanding and sarcastic, also I loved her thoughts. She’s really funny. One example:

Knowing Cian, he was probably terrified she’d mistake passion for love and start following him around like an adoring puppy dog, constantly begging for his attention.
God, I’d rather die a virgin!
– 25%

Cian… God, I love Cian, since the first time he was mentioned. He was such a man-whore, but so funny and I love that he’s irish. He could call me “lass” whenever he want. His big secret was not what I expected, but it made sense in relation to his character. My poor Cian, he had so many bad secrets, but he came clear of them. I want to hug him.

The development of their relationship was fun to read. Both trying to be casual lovers, even though they are mates, but we all know that they are totally in love with each other. A quote from Cian (we all know this will end in a HEA, so this is no spoiler):

I’m probably going to have my man card revoked for babbling like this, but even if you didn’t love me back, I would still love you like this, Sayre. With everything that I am and will ever be. With every part of me.
– 92%

Sorry, I’m totally fan-girling right now. LOL
Let’s move on to: the side characters. I love the other bloodrunners and their wives, as well as the mercenaries. The only side character I did not like was Sayre’s mother. See just talks so bad about Cian. Thankfully Sayre stood up to her.

The enemy was pretty whacky, mad, insane – think of every other synonyme for crazy.

I really liked this book and would recommened this series to anyone, who doesn’t excepted a lot more than entertainment.

4 out of 5 stars

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