[Review] Twelve Shades of Midnight (Short Story Collection)

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Liliana Hart: The Witch Next Door ~ 1,5 stars
I liked the beginning, but after just a few pages it lost my interest. I got pretty confused by this whole past and present thing. Also I did have a big, big, BIG problem with this lust/love-at-first-sight thing and they all seemed to trust Barrett immediately even though he is a total stranger. I normally don’t read books about witches and this backs up my opinion.

Darynda Jones: A Lovely Drop ~ 4,5 stars
I liked the idea of going to a spot in the room and being able to go 24 hours back in time. The only bad thing about this short story is that it was way too short. I need a full novel. I see a whole lot of potential here. Miss Jones, write a full novel!

Shea Berkley: Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Dead ~ 1.5 stars
I liked Baby and Sage, the children who were a big part of the story, but the rest … Not so much. What bothered me the most is this instant love again. They love the other one after knowing each other for 1 hour and I have no idea on what this love is based. Also how did they solve the problem that she is immortal and he is only human? How should this work? There will be a second book but I won’t buy it. Sorry.

Claire Cavanaugh: Midnight Renegade ~ 2 stars
This was kinda boring and there are some things I did not quite get. But I thought that the abilities of Alex and Samantha were pretty cool. Samantha is able to become invisible and Alex can throw lightning and controls fire. Won’t buy the next installment though.

Robin Perini: Night Of The Jaguar ~ 1.5 stars
Okay, this was weird, like really weird. They meet – insta-love – they meet again – sex – trouble in paradise – kind of HEA ? I just didn’t get this story. Won’t by the next book in series.

I decided to skip all the stories about witches (I just don’t like the theme) and some others because I did not feel like I could like them.
The only short story I actually enjoyed was A Lovely Drop, the others were meh.

Overall rating of 2.5 stars

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