[Review] Saving Elliot by NorthbyNorth

Synposis: Meet Elliot Jensen; she’s stubborn, intelligent, sarcastic, short-tempered and ambitious. Meet Elliot Fintry, he’s impulsive, rude, cold, devious, and reckless.
It might be annoying having to share the same name as the person you hate, but it’s even more annoying having to share the same house as them. He’s everything she hates, so why does he make her heart pound at just the thought of him?
Winter and summer. Fire and water. North and south. Heaven and hell. This isn’t a love story, this is a story about love.


A really, REALLY big Thank You for recommending this to me, Freya 😀 (visit her blog)

This book was just brilliant. Really. I loved every second of reading it. You can read it as well on wattpadd, just follow the link.
I loved both Elliots. Their banters were just so

I’m normally not really into cursing, the only curses I occasionally use are shit and damn, but I loved their cursing at each other. So funny and pretty intense. Both are bullheaded, but I loved that about them.

Also I did like Elliot Jensen’s (the girl) brothers, especially the twins. They were so funny. I think I fell in love with them. And Jensen’s friend were lovely, too.

Loved the sparks between Finley and O’Connor, they were so cute and adorable, but sadly they didn’t make a gay couple.

The only thing I did not like was the ending. How can you end a book this way without there being a sequel?! Just not fair, I wanted a HEA, not just the promise of a future HEA.
It’s too much for me.

5 out of 5 stars

One thought on “[Review] Saving Elliot by NorthbyNorth

  1. Pretty much my response to the ending:’D But she said there is a chance she’ll do a second one.!! You do know about the one shots, right? She announced the winner! Yay!((: Uhm…and yeah some time when she started reading them and so on she posted that she’ll (maybe) write/post a sequel..!((:

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