Top Ten Books I’d Read if They Weren’t So Damn Expensive 01/20/15

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I didn’t participate for a good month, because I never hadn’t anything to say in the recent ones, but here we are again. This time with a freebie, which I will turn into: Top Ten Books I’d Read if They Weren’t So Damn Expensive.

FYI an ebook is expensive for me if it costs more than 4€, more than 5€ if I really like the author.

  1. Murder Of Crows by Anne Bishop: 13€ for an ebook! I’m going to wait till the paperback edition comes out, then the Kindle price will drop as well.
  2. Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews: Again 13 bucks! Why? I want to read this! But the prices are insane.
  3. Playing With Fire by Cynthia Eden: As much as I love her books, 7,50€ is just too much for me. But this book will probably like the first two of the series be on sale one day in the future.
  4. God Save The Queen by Kate Locke: This has been on my TBR list forever, but 7€ are to expensive. I don’t see the price dropping though.
  5. Killing Time by Cindy Gerard: It costs 5,33€, but I’m not really sure I would buy it if the price was lower, because a lot of people said that this is exactly like her Black Ops series.
  6. Night Sky by Suzanne & Melanie Brockman: 5€, but I’m afraid to buy this. Has anyone read this already? Did you like it?
  7. Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst: This sounds so interesting, but 7€ is too expensive for me.
  8. Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs: It’s only 5 bucks and I really liked the first one in the series, but I just don’t know. Maybe I will buy it later in the year.
  9. Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Everyone loves this and I want to read it, too. It costs 7€ though.
  10. Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley: I enjoyed all the novellas I read, but I’m not so sure I would actually enjoy a full length novel and it’s 5 bucks.

You probably know think: Girl, those aren’t expensive! For me they are. Okay, okay, I could buy them if I really wanted to, but I just think that 5€ and up is just too expensive for an eBook, don’t you think so too?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’d Read if They Weren’t So Damn Expensive 01/20/15

  1. Can you get any of these through your local library? I agree, it gets so expensive to keep up with new releases. I’m always walking over to my neighborhood library branch and coming home with armfuls of books.


    • Probably not… I live in Germany and the library here has mostly german books or some pretty old ones in english.
      But I think I need to take a closer look at my library, maybe I find some treasure hidden inside somewhere.


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