My Reasons To…

. . . Own an eReader.

I know, I know. A lot of you people are against eReader and ebooks in general. And I get it, believe me, I do. I love the feeling of paper under my fingers and the smell of a new books, but I still wouldn’t give my Kindle away. Under no circumstances. Maybe if it would… No, still wouldn’t give it away.

So here are my personal reasons why I think an eReader is awesome. BTW I have a cheap Kindle, so no text-to-voice, touchscreen and so on.

Reason #1 – the weight’s like a feather
My Kindle weights about 190 gr plus a cover of 50 gr. So it weights a little bit less then 250 gram. A nice, thick hardcover such as Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows weights a lot more. Because of this it’s much easier to carry a eReader around then a heavy book.

Reason #2 – Reading with only one hand
You know this problem? You have your paperback book in your right hand and maybe a piece of chocolate in the other, but whenever you reach the end of a side you have to put the chocolate away to flip the pages. I’m sure there is a way to switch them with one hand, but I’m lazy so I use two hands.
Also did you notice that you need both your hands when you read on your back, because otherwise the book would shut close all the time.
Both those things are no problems with an eReader, just saying.

Reason #3 – Waiting, what’s that?
I’m a really patient person regarding everything BUT books. So it’s pretty cool that I only need to hit “buy” and my book is on my Kindle two seconds later. Don’t you think?

Reason #4 – It’s your own private library
If I had all the books I have on my Kindle as actual books, I wouldn’t be able to step one foot in or out of my room, depending where I am, when the books materialize out of my Kindle. Yeah, I know, I’m not funny.
This saving of space was the original reason I got a Kindle for christmas years ago.

Reason #5 – You’re long-sighted, and?
My mother has this problem that she needs glasses to read, because she’s long-sighted. I don’t have this problem, because I’m nearsighted, but I need glasses if I want to see who I’m talking to. Well, anyway, where was I? Right, you can normally change the font size of the text you’re reading, at least with the Kindle ebooks. So you don’t need glasses to read.

Reason #6 – Hello, free books?!
I have this whole folder on my Kindle titled “Freebies -TBR” and you don’t want to know how many books are in there. Trust me, you don’t. But I confess that sometimes… okay, a lot of times, these freebies are just *searching for a nice term, but can’t find one* BAD. But sometimes you can find some that are actually good, you just need to know how to look.

Reason #7 – The prices
I don’t know how it’s with other ebook retailers, but the Kindle ebooks are mostly pretty cheap, even cheaper because I buy my books in english. Let’s do the math.
A german-translated cheap paperback costs between 10 and 13 euros, the Kindle version is always 1€ cheaper. The english Kindle version is most of the times 50% of the german Kindle Version. So a 9€-german edition only costs in english like 4,50€ and because of this, I’m now able to buy a lot more books. I know you have to buy an eReader first, but believe me when I say that you will compensate that money real quickly.

Just so you know, this is in no way an order for you to buy an eReader. I just wanted to show you the reasons why I love my Kindle. You are allowed to disagree and stick with your physical books 😉 no hate there.

4 thoughts on “My Reasons To…

    • Haha, I wanted to reply that those aren’t “all” the reasons to own an eReader, but then I saw you’re second comment, so nevermind 😉 But those are mostly the reasons to own one 🙂


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