Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books 02/10/15

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Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books


1. Triangles: I’m not sure if I really dislike them. I guess it depends on the story, but I’m going with dislike. Because most of the time they are just annoying me.

2. Both main characters denying their feelings: The books would probably be much short if not for this aspect.

3. Too many sex scenes: I don’t mind the sex scenes, but I don’t want to read one every other page.

4. Cheesy love declarations: Okay, okay, I want them to tell each other that they love each other, but please no cheesy scenes. They are just …*puke*

5. One of the main characters saying “I don’t love you” to save the other one from pain / danger / other stuff: kind of annoying, don’t you think?

6. InstaLove: I can’t read about it anymore! Can this please stop happening? I’m kinda okay with Lust-At-First-Sight, but InstaLove is just not possible. To love someone you need at least a little bit background.

7. The Stalker-type: I hate, hate, hate a hero/heroine who is totally fixed on the heroine/hero and needs to know everything their other side does. Ugh. Get a life!

8. The over-the-top drama and the stupidness of the heroine: I don’t like books that have a lot of different drama stuff in them. Like for example there was this one book I read where first the stupid heroine was robbed, then she nearly died in a hit and run, then she was robbed (again!), after that a killer tried to kill her and don’t make the mistake thinking this was a romantic suspense novel, just plain old romance.



9. Funny moments: I can’t stand plain, old romances. All the romances I read are from the paranormal genre. The only “normal” romances I like are the ones that are funny

10. Hate to Love relationships: This is the best (!) type of relationship. Love the early banter and also the sparks, till there is this one moment that changes everything.


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