Top Ten Favorite Heroines 02/24/15

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Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books/Movies/TV


1. Kaylee Cavanaugh from the Soul Screamer series by Rachel Vincent: She has to endure so much and she is still so strong. Love her.
2. Sienna Lauren from Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh: She is my absolute favourite book heroine. You just have to love her.
3. Shelby Nichols from the Shelby Nichols Adventures series by Colleen Helme: I want to be able to read minds, too. I’m kinda jealous.
4. Charley Davidson from the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones: Soooo funny. Can I have her as my best friend?


5. Kenzi Malikov from Lost Girl: Love her sense of style and she is pretty sarcastic.
6. Lydia Martins from Teen Wolf: She’s a banshee. Gotta love her.
7. Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time: Her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming, totally awesome.
8. Felicity Smoak from Arrow: She is a member of Team Arrow and her dresses are so pretty
9. Max Guevara from Dark Angel: Genetically changed human who kicks ass. What’s not to love?


10. Natalia Romanova (Black Widow) from the Marvel Universe: Hello, member of the Avengers? Totally bad-ass.

What are your favourite heroines? Share your link in the comment section below.

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