The Birthday Tag

I just saw this on the blog of Rachel from Confessions of A Book Geek. Check out her post here.

Why haven’t I see this earlier? Like a little bit over week ago? On my actual birthday? I just suck. LOL.

The Birthday Tag

1. What date is your Birthday?

A little over a week ago, 27th February.

2. What is your favourite kind of Birthday cake?


I love chocolate cake or citrus cake. Or this thing called Maulwurf-Kuchen, but it’s really rich in calories, because it’s made up of cream – and bananas. Love it!


3. What is your birth-stone?

Like Rachels’ mine is the Amethyst, too.  I always thought that that’s the prettiest stone, so I can live with that 😉

4. Which celebrities/famous people share your birth date?

To name a few I know (some only by name): JWoww, Josh Groban, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Baldwin

5. What would be your ideal Birthday present?

Books or an Amazon gift card. Why books? I guess that’s obvious. Why a gift card? I can by books there, too (duh!) or some other awesome stuff like DVDs and CDs, cases for my mobile phone and so one.

6. If you could invite anyone famous to your Birthday party, who would it be?

I would definitely invited my favourite authors, like Nalini Singh (actually meet her once!), Cynthia Eden, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jeaniene Frost, Rhyannon Byrd… I could go on like this forever.
Then I would also invited Matt Bomer and Colin O’Donough and Jessica Alba and… okay, let’s move on otherwise this answer will get pretty long.

7. What is one of your favourite/funniest/happiest Birthday memories?

When I turned 18, I told everyone I didn’t want a birthday party, because I was feeling down and didn’t want to celebrate. But all my friends and my family planned a party behind my back anyway and I’m thankful for that. It was beautiful. Love them all ❤

8. If you could choose a different period in history to be born, when would it be?

I like the time I was born, so I wouldn’t change it, but I would like to take a peak at the time around the 1900. I really would like to know if the dresses back then where really as bad as every book writes about. I’m just that curious 😉

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