[Review] A Sorceress Of His Own by Dianne Duvall

~ A Sorceress Of His Own by Dianne Duvall ~

(The Gifted Ones #1)
Genre: Historical, Romance, Paranormal
Date Of Publication: June 02th, 2015 by Dianne Duvall
Source: Bought (ebook, 374 pages)



From the New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Immortal Guardians series comes an enchanting new series full of romance, danger, and loyalty: The Gifted Ones

Since the day Lord Dillon earned his spurs, rumors of his savagery on the battlefield have preceded him into every room, stilling tongues and sparking fear. Weary of battle, he wishes only to find a woman he can wed who will approach him not with fear, but with the tenderness that has been absent from his life for so long. Yet only the wisewoman seems invariably at ease in his presence. Perhaps because she garners the same fear in others that he does himself.

For seven years, Alyssa has been by Lord Dillon’s side, counseling him from the shadows, healing him with her hands, and staving off the worst of his loneliness while his fearsome reputation keeps others at bay. Blessed–or cursed–with gifts that label her a sorceress, she is forced to conceal her youth and the love she harbors for him beneath umbral robes that lead Dillon and his people to believe she is the same aged wisewoman who served his father.

All is revealed, however, and passions flare when an enemy threatens Dillon’s life and Alyssa sacrifices everything to save him. When Dillon discovers that the wisewoman is far from elderly, he is instantly entranced. And, as he and Alyssa work together to defeat an enemy bent on destroying them both, Dillon will risk anything–even the wrath of his king–to be with her.

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~ My Review ~

Let me be honest with you right from the start. I’m normally not really into historicals and when I saw that Miss Duvall wrote one, I thought for one teeny-tiny second of not getting it. Then I thought to myself: You love everything she writes, she will make you love her book even though it’s historical.

She did. 🙂

A Sorceress Of His Own was a perfect read for me with likeable character and a love story that made sense.

I loved Alyssa, our lovely Wise Woman, with the ability to heal with her hands. She was a really self-less character. She would have gave her life for Dillon and all of his man without another thought.

Dillon, our hero, was really likeable as well. I loved how he just accepted Alyssa for who she is, without being afraid of her or accusing her of sorcery.

The development of the relationship between those two was really sweet and those two together were just cute.

“I am not afraid, Dillon,” [Alyssa] denied. ” ‘Tis only that what you are asking, what you want between us, is-”
” ‘Tis not impossible”

The development between the side characters and Alyssa was nice as well. I really like how she and Robert, Dillon’s brother, became friends and how everyone else changed their minds from thinking that Alyssa is evil to Alyssa being a saint. Robert and Dillon played a little part in that change of mind ;).

Robert stared at them with wide eyes and gaping mouth.
“Well?” Dillon growled.
Face reddening, Robert snapped out of his shock and straightened. “I, uh… uh…” Blinking, he looked around the room with exaggerated surprise and blurted, “Why, this is not my chamber!” Spinning around, he exited and slammed the door behind him.

Also I loved Dillon soldiers, especially Michael and Simon. And the fact that Seth, Roland and Marcus (characters from her Immortal Guardians series) played a little part in here as well. 🙂

The only thing that bothered me a bit was the use of the old english words, like “naught”, “ere”. I had to look up some of them at first, but I blame that on the fact that I’m german (I know, it’s my universal excuse 😉 ). After I looked them up, I stopped having that problem. I’m a quick vocab learner. The use of the older english is normally my reason for not liking historicals that much, because I’m too lazy to look words up, but I made an exception this time.

I think the next book will be even better, so I need the possibility to up my rating and will give A Sorceress Of His Own “only”:

Rating: 4.5 stars

Now I just need to get the next Immortal Guardians (Ethan!) or Gifted Ones (Robert!) book. I’m impatient and hate waiting.

Also: Well done, Dianne, and congrats on going indie 🙂

Clapping GIF photo 39dc8d25.gif

(This has nothing to do with the review, I just notices that the last time I wrote a review about a book by Dianne Duvall I still wrote in german. Funny how time went by, don’t you think?)

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