Killing the TBR in 10 Weeks

… or die trying. 😉

[EDIT: This is now pinned for the time of the next 10 weeks]

I’m going to have summer break from saturday on for 4 weeks. The other 6 weeks I won’t have school, since I have an internship. I still count those 6 weeks as summer break, because … no school ? 😀

Anyway I thought to do this challenge with myself of reading all the books on my TBR in 10 weeks. It’s totally doable… I hope. xD

And here are all the books I still need to read. I will cross the once I’ve read out. Wish me luck ;D

Mission: Read every book on my TBR in the time from 19.07.15 – 26.09.15. Review the ones you want and the ones you have to.

New Goal: Read all your physical books and the NetGalley copies till 26.09.15 and as far as you can get with your other ebooks.

Progress: 15/45 books read



  1. Michelle Madow: The Secret Diamond Sisters
  2. Adi Alsaid: Let’s Get Lost
  3. Lori M. Lee: Gates Of Thread And Stone
  4. Amy Ewing: The Jewel
  5. Alexandra Ivy: Burned By Darkness
  6. Rachel Vincent: The Stars Never Rise ✓ Read 20th July
  7. Ilona Andrews: Steel’s Edge
  8. Darynda Jones: Sixth Grave On The Edge
  9. Shannon Mayer: Immune
  10. Barbra Annino: Opal Fire
  11. Jodi Meadows: Incarnate
  12. Sarah J. Maas: Throne Of Glass
  13. Julie Ann Walker: Hell For Leather ✓ Read 19th July
  14. Jennifer L. Armentrout: Every Last Breath ✓  Read 28th July
  15. Candace Havens: Baby’s Got Bite ✓ Read 29th July

NetGalley ARCs + gifted from Author:

  1. Shelly Laurenston: Wolf With Benefits
  2. Cynthia Eden: Fear For Me (german edition) ✓ Read 31st July 
  3. Jennifer Estep: Cold Burn Of Magic
  4. Shiloh Walker, etc.: Hot Alphas ✓ Read 4th August
  5. Stacey Kennedy: Witches Be Burned
  6. Kellie Sheridan: Soulceress ✓ Read 2nd August
  7. C.R. Fladmark: The Gatekeeper’s Son
  8. Kris Dinnison: You And Me And Him  Read 22nd August
  9. Lora Leigh: Wicked Lies ✓ Read 23th July 
  10. Julie Ann Walker: Too Hard To Handle
  11. E. K. Johnston: A Thousand Nights

Physical copies:

  1. Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Prince ✓  Read 28th July
  2. Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Princess
  3. Richelle Mead: Bloodlines
  4. Sylvia Day: Entwined With You ✓ Read 2nd August
  5. Patricia Briggs: Bone Crossed ✓ Read 30th July
  6. Patricia Briggs: Silver Borne ✓ Read 31st July
  7. Lindsey Kelk: About A Girl
  8. Laurell K. Hamilton: Divine Misdemeanors
  9. Michelle Rowen: Tall, Dark & Fangsome
  10. Larissa Ione: Pleasure Unbound ✓ Read 2nd August
  11. Kiersten White: Paranormalcy
  12. Anne Tibbets: Shut Up
  13. Jennifer Ashley: In den Armen der Dunkelheit (german)
  14. Cassie Alexander: Night Shifted – Visite bei Vollmond (german)
  15. Casey Daniels: Tote Paten küssen besser (german) ✓ Read 24th July
  16. Janet Evanovich: Kussfest (german)
  17. Samantha Young: London Road (german)
  18. Robert Muchamore: Top Secret #1 – Der Agent (german)
  19. Rebecca Maizel: Die Nacht ist dein (german)

Total of 45 books… Totally doable, don’t you think? [EDIT: nope, no longer doable.] Let’s hope I’m not going into a reading slump. I really want to be done with all of those. I want to start fresh 😉

7 thoughts on “Killing the TBR in 10 Weeks

  1. birdslovewords says:

    Woah – that’s crazy dude! I had a deal with myself that I couldn’t buy any new books until I finished all the ones I currently owned – I cheated a little and have 6 I just haven’t read but I didn’t have to buy any new books for three months!


    • I will probably fail this challenge, especially the book buying ban, since I’m going to London pretty soon and I intended to buy a lot of books 😉 Challenges with yourself are fun but hard to keep up, right? 🙂 Also there is always a lot of cheating involved xD I dnf-ed some books on my list after 50 pages, just because I had them for 2 years and now it doesn’t matter if I really finish them when I don’t even want to. (Does that make sense?)


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