London Recap + Book Haul

As you may or may not know, I’ve been to London from August 6th to August 9th. And now that I’m back I decided to do a little recap type of post.

Here goes nothing.

London RECAP

Thursday, August 6th.

We started our drive to London at 1 am with the Bus. My grandmother doesn’t fly so we had to take the bus and let me tell you that was exhausting. The tour took like 10 hours till we finally were in London and I slept a total of 20 minutes. We drove for ~5 hrs till we reached Calais, France, where we took the ship over to Dover, UK. That was kind of fun, but only kind of.

When we finally reached London, we made a tour through London with the bus, which was cut short due to high traffic (the underground was having a strike on that day).

Then we were taken to our hotel in Wembley, which was right before the Wembley stadion and the London Outlet.

We were kind of dead after the long bus drive, so my grandmum and I just made a little tour through Wembley and guess where we found something to eat? … Right… McDonald’s.

Friday, August 7th

After we caught up on sleep, we decided to abandon our tour group and discover London by ourselves.

We went into Madame Tussaud’s, which was fun. They had some figures that looked like the real ones. I even bumped into Steven Spielberg (I think) and wanted to apologize till I noticed he’s not real. (Pictures of some figures on the end of this little recap)

They also had this little scare tunnel, where you could go in and could see nearly nothing. Then some real-life serial killers scared you to death (no touching involved, of course!) or some jump scares happened. That was fun, especially since I’ve been so smart and didn’t go in first, but followed a couple a few metres ahead of me 😉 So I always knew what was going to happen. I might be blonde, but I’m not stupid 😉

Then they had this attraction where you drive through a scenery with a wagon. (This whole thing reminded me of the Geister Rischka in the Phantasia Land in Brühl, Germany, if you ever been there, you get the picture.)

After that our walkaround lend us to the Marvel 4D-Show, that was fun, but kind of stupid, because I’m pretty sure only about 50% of the viewers actually understood english. They could have at least added subtitles. I had no problem understanding it, but I’m pretty sure my grandmother had no idea what was going on, since she doesn’t speak one word english.

Anyway, after Madame Tussaud’s we took a little walk to the British Museum (free entry, in case you’re wondering). We found some bookstores on the way. For that little haul scroll down 😉 Then we finally were there and let me tell you, I wasn’t that interested in it, neither was my grandmother, so we left again.

We drove to the Oxford Street instead with the tram, which was kind of hard, because we got a black&white map of the system from our tour leader. So I asked around a little bit and they people there were actually really nice and once I got the hang of it, driving with the tram was fun.

Then we finally arrived at Oxford Street and went shopping. My poor, poor bank account 😦

When it was 5 pm we drove back to Wembley and went into the London Outlet. We ate some pizza there – yes, we ate pizza in London xD – and strolled through the shops, where I found more books in a shop that looked like a children shop.

Saturday, August 8th

We had to check-out of the hotel at 8.45 am and load our baggage into the bus. Then we took a trip to the Docklands with our group, which was interesting, because our tour leader had a lot to say. And also to Greenwich. The market was nice and they had some delicious food.

After that we had about 4hrs till we wanted to attend the Soho-Pub/Chinatown-Tour, so I asked a friend of mine who currently is in London for an internship if she wanted to meet. It was nice seeing her again.

Next came the Pub and Chinatown-Tour. The pubs were cram-full. I don’t know how anyone could tolerate that, but the whole underground thing the pub where visited had going on was really cool. Chinatown was adorable.

After that we finally connect with our bus again (my feet were killing me) and the last attraction of our tour started: London by night. Sadly my phnóne died right before that so I have no picture of it, but it looked so cool. Except for the Harrods, there were just like “look, we have a lot of money, so we need a lot of light bulbs on your house”, total show-offs.

When we were done with that tour it was 1 am and we finally got onto our right bus and made our way home. The way back was even more exhausting since I haven’t slept more than 4 hrs the night before.

When we finally got back to Germany, it was 11am and I was official awake for more than 24 hrs and counting, since I couldn’t go to bed before noon. In the end I got to bed at 11pm, whoopsie.

All in all they London tour was fun, but next time I’m definitely taking the plane, my grandmother can drive with the bus if she wants to, but I’m done with bus tours. So damn exhausting.


I originally was on a book buying ban before I started my trip to London, but once I arrived in London I was like “screw it” and went on a shopping spree.

Here is everything I got:


15 books in total, all bought in London

I got the following books at two different Waterstones, one in Central London and one in Greenwich:


Everything I got from Waterstones

  • Nancy Holzner: Hellforged for 1£
  • Marjorie L. Liu: Soul Song for 1£
  • Virginia Boecker: Witch Hunter & Victoria Aveyard: Red Queen. Buy one, get the other for half the price
  • Josephine Angelini: Trial By Fire



Then I got the following books from Foyles, I loved that bookstore. I was kind of overwhelmed with the choices, since I’m only used to having only english shelf in german bookstores. Also they have some signed books in their line of products and they even had one I wanted, jackpot!

  • wpid-wp-1439294839745.jpeg

    Everything I got from Foyles

    Marie Rutkoski: The Winner’s Curse

  • Kendare Blake: Anna Dressed In Blood
  • Matt Cain: Nothing But Trouble – Signed!




Shop in the London Outlet in Wembley

Then last but not least, I got some books in the shop that looked like it was only for children in the London Outlet. They had some awesome sales.

  • Veronica Roth: Divergent Trilogy for 10£
  • Julie Kagawa: Talon for 1,99£
  • Hardcover of Rick Yancey: The 5 Wave for 2,99£
  • Patricia Briggs: Hunting Ground for 1£
  • Keri Arthur: Chasing The Shadows for 1£

I originally also looked for a DVD kind of shop, but I couldn’t find one, not even google could help. How do people in London get DVDs? Someone please tell me. :/

Well, that was it with my little recap and haul post. This turned out to be really long. LOL.

Below you can find some photographs from when I got around in London.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Did you do a vacation/recap kind of post? Let me know in the comments down below.

Pics taken in London

Only a few since I suck at taking photos, click on the pictures to enlargen them. My favourite wax figurine was by the way Bruce Willis, he/it looked sooooooo real. Exactly like in the movies.

IMAG0913 IMAG0869 IMAG0799 IMAG0767 IMAG0763 IMAG0762

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