[Review] On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy, Dianne Duvall, Rebecca Zaretti & Hannah Jayne

~ On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy, Dianne Duvall, Rebecca Zaretti & Hannah Jayne ~

Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Date of Publication: August 25th 2015 by Zebra
Source: NetGalley (384 pages)

Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon DE




Four of today’s most intriguing paranormal authors entice readers deep into the shadows, where vampires, immortals, and other supernatural creatures heat up the night…

ON THE HUNT by Alexandra Ivy
Mika Tanner has loved Bailey Morrell, a beautiful Healer, since childhood. But his duty as a Sentinel, a supernatural guardian of an ancient race, clashed with her rebellious spirit. Now a dangerous new anarchist group not only threatens life as they know it—but any chance of their being together again…

SCORPIUS RISING by Rebecca Zanetti
While searching for a meteorite, Nora Mendina is arrested by her sheriff ex-husband—who’s only gotten hotter than the Nevada desert since she last saw him. When the meteorite breaks open, the few survivors gain extraordinary powers, unleashing a crazed super genius killer. Can Nora and her ex stop the murders…while igniting a new love affair?

PHANTOM EMBRACE by Dianne Duvall
Immortal Yuri Sokolov was born with the ability to see spirits, yet he’s never seen one as lovely as Cat Seddon, the woman who haunts his home and his dreams. But amid their star-crossed love, a new danger may have Yuri facing a different kind of eternity.

STAKE OUT by Hannah Jayne
Vampire fashion designer Nina LaShay has a lot on her plate—just two days until fashion week and the model who was flirting with her photographer boyfriend is now a corpse in her studio. But when dead turns into undead and dangerous, Nina must find out who’s responsible…before the beautiful baby vamp takes too many bites out of the Big Apple.

 ~ My Review(s) ~

I originally only requested On The Hunt because of the novella by Dianne Duvall, since I’m a huge fan, but I ended up reading all four of those. Here are my individual short reviews.

On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy
This novella did not do it for me. I was bored by it and I couldn’t grasped the relationship between Bailey and Mika. The story itself sounded nice beforehand, but I’m just not sure now. Also I was kind of annoyed by Mika calling Bailey “little one”. I don’t really know why though. I expected something better from Alexandra Ivy.

Scorpius Rising by Rebecca Zanetti
This novella really falls out of line in this book, no supernatural theme behind it, except for alien bacteria. It was an interesting idea though, but at some parts it read like my school textbooks, too much medical stuff. I’m not sure if you would properly understand everything they are talking about without a medical background. Sadly, it didn’t drew me in either. I did want to know how they squash the bacteria problem though and it just ends with a kinda cliffhanger…

Phantom Embrace by Dianne Duvall

I already knew how this one would end, but this novella makes the end of Night Unbound so much more bearable. The relationship between Yuri and Cat was cute and heartbreaking and I kind of hope to hear from those two again in a later Immortal Guardians book, but I’m not sure if it will actual happen. Only time can tell. Make it happen, Dianne!

Stake out by Hannah Jayne

This novella was fun and I fell in love with Nina’s nephew Vlad. It’s part of a series and I’m considering trying the series. Love the idea of a vampire who is a designer and I’m intrigued to see more of Nina and Spike.

All the novellas can be read as stand-alones.

So let’s do a little recap: I really liked Phantom Embrace and going to give it 4 stars. I liked Shake Out, which gets 3.5 stars. The other two were just ‘meh’ for me, but I don’t think they are actually bad, they just weren’t for me. So I’m giving this collection of novellas a total rating of 3.5 stars.

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