Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

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Top Ten Of My Auto-buy Authors

If I think about it, I don’t actually have that many auto-buy authors. I’m not even sure I will get to ten authors. So this list will probably be pretty short. Anyway, let’s start 😉

1. Cynthia Eden

cynthia eden

I will buy everything immediately, but I still need to catch up on some of her books, since she has soooo many.

2. Nalini Singh


Ok, let’s be honest for a little second. I will buy everything by her, except her contemporary stuff. Love her paranormal romance books though!

3. Rhyannon Byrd

rhyannon byrd

I already have her new book on pre-order and it’s still 4 month till it will be released.

4. Dianne Duvall


She could re-write the telephone book and I would still read it (probably 😉 )

5. Jennifer L. Armentrout

jennifer l. armentrout

Love her stuff!

6. Jeaniene Frost

jeaniene frost

I’m still waiting impatiently for that book/series (?) she promised featuring Ian. Give it to me!

7. Colleen Helme


So far I’ve only read the Shelby Nichols series, but I’m auto-buying every single book from that series.



Ok, guys, I’m done. I can only come up with 7 auto-buy authors, but that’s not automatical a bad thing, right? :/ I love every one of them, that’s for sure! 🙂

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