Interview with Ava Jae, author of Beyond The Red

1. Tell us something about your book. Is it your debut? beyond the redWhat genre does it belong to?

BEYOND THE RED is indeed my debut—and it’s a YA Sci-Fi about a violent uprising on a distant planet that threatens the reign of a teen alien queen.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

BEYOND THE RED is currently a standalone and can be read as one, but I do have ideas for sequels. Whether or not they come to pass with depend on sales. Fingers crossed!

3. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

Read. Watch Supernatural. Play games like Assassin’s Creed, Civilization, and Sims. Etc.

4. Did anyone inspire you to start writing, if yes, who, or did you always knew you just had to write?

Sort of. Ted Dekker is my earliest author inspiration, in that he was literally one of the only authors I was reading when I decided I wanted to be a writer—and I looked to him for many years for motivation to keep writing. And I didn’t always know—in fact, when I was really young I had multiple teachers tell me I should be a writer and I basically thought “nah” because it sounded boring. lol I figured it out early on, though—I was thirteen when I decided I wanted to be an author.

5. Any advice/tips for newbies?

Read a lot, write a lot, and don’t give up. I wrote nine novels before writing BEYOND THE RED, and I actually recently conducted a survey that received over 200 responses and I found that over half of the respondents had written at least three books before writing their debuts (more stats here). It happens, it’s normal, and it’s okay.

6. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I am! I can tell you the current project getting the most attention is a YA Fantasy. And I can tell you it has a lot of kissing. And magic, bad decisions, and secrets.

7. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

I mean, I say “awesome” a lot, but I don’t think you can overuse “awesome” because it’s awesome. 😉 In writing, though, my characters tend to arch their eyebrows, bite their lips, and smirk a lot. Heh.

8. When does your book release?

March 2016!

9. Last but not least: What’s your favourite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

Welllll I can’t eat added sugar of any kind, so that sort of cuts down on the candy I can eat. The only one I allow myself to occasionally have is super dark chocolate—like 97% cocoa—because it has very little sugar. It’s extremely bitter but tastes great with fruit. At least to me. 😀

Before I cut sugar out of my diet, though, I loved Twix. And normal dark chocolate. And those Lindt truffles. And truffles of any kind that didn’t have nuts, really. I had a pretty serious sweet tooth.

Author Bio ava jae

Ava Jae is a writer, an Assistant Editor at Entangled Publishing, and is represented by Louise Fury of The Bent Agency. Her YA Sci-Fi debut, BEYOND THE RED, is releasing March 2016 from Sky Pony Press. When she’s not writing about kissing, superpowers, explosions, and aliens, you can find her with her nose buried in a book, nerding out over the latest X-Men news, or hanging out on her blogTwitterFacebooktumblr, GoodreadsInstagram, or YouTube channel.

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