[Blitz] Love Found by Caylie Marcoe

Love Found
Caylie Marcoe
Publication date: November 13th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Haley Cavanaugh’s heart is broken.

Shattered into a million pieces, and that’s just how she’d like it to stay.

She doesn’t believe she deserves happiness. She doesn’t understand how to move on while her life is falling apart and her reality is destroyed.

Enter Eli Park.

Eli is someone Haley thought she knew, but who turned out to be so much more than she remembered. He sees through her pain and refuses to be pushed away, even when she lashes out.

Eli’s patience is both frustrating and surprising. Haley was so sure she wanted to go on feeling nothing, but Eli stirs emotions she can’t deny.

Will Haley allow Eli to help her through this horrific time so she can find herself again? Or will she lose the only person who can help heal her heart?

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I swung back and forth for a while, letting the breeze settle my nerves. I don’t know how long I was out there for, but eventually, I heard a car pull up. The door shut and footsteps thumped up the stairs.

“Hello,” a masculine voice drifted towards me.

I opened my eyes and was greeted with crystal blue eyes, messy brown hair, a lopsided smirk and six feet of tall, lean man.

“Er…um…hi,” I croaked out. Okay…the man was gorgeous. Pretty sure I was blushing.

“Haley?” gorgeous mystery man asked.

I nodded. I didn’t know who this guy was, but he seemed to know me. And if I opened my mouth to ask him, I’m sure I would sound like an idiot again.

He gave me that adorable lopsided grin again. “Eli.” He pointed at himself, like I should know who he was. Eli was leaning against the porch railing, staring at me with amusement in his eyes. Maybe if he wasn’t so damn attractive I could get my brain to start working again. But for now, I could only stare.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” he asked. “The four of us hung out together when I roomed with Noah in the dorms.”

Holy shit. This man in front of me couldn’t be Noah’s roommate. There was no possible way he was the same guy. I hung out with the kid all the time, and this guy…no, not him. Not him at all.

“You look nothing like you did freshman year.” I blurted out. Then quickly turned red and clamped my hand over my mouth.

Oh God, he’s going to think you are the biggest idiot.

Eli laughed. “I was a lot scrawnier back then. Had longer hair. Wore thick framed glasses all the time.” His voice still sounded the same. That was something at least. “When I moved back home to help my mom, I worked with my uncle at his construction company. I guess that helped me gain a little muscle.” He shrugged like he was not confident with how he looked.

The more I stared at him, the more he was becoming familiar. Freshman year, he was this quiet, slightly nerdy kid. He always wore comic book t-shirts. He had spent most of his time on his computer or playing video games with Noah. Kyler had kept telling me that he had a crush on me, and she even begged me to go out with him a few times, but I always came up with reasons I couldn’t. Mostly those excuses dealt with my crush at that time—Drew. Blah. I was so not going to think about that douche when Eli was standing in front of me.

I mean, I enjoyed hanging out with him as a friend, but dating? He was definitely not what I thought my type was. Though, what I thought my type was turned out to be a bunch of jerks, so maybe I should have given the nice guy a chance.

“You okay?” he asked gently, pushing off the railing and taking a seat next to me on the swing. “You seem lost in thought.”

I shrugged, not knowing what to say.

“You don’t remember me, do you?”

“Oh no, I do.”


How’d you come up with the story for Love Found?
I always knew I wanted to write a more emotional story. One where the female lead was dealing with a major family issue, but also attending college, hanging with friends, and falling in love. There wasn’t a specific moment where this story idea came to me, I think it’s just always been sitting in the back of my brain waiting for the right moment to be written.

Did you use any real life experiences in this book?
While it’s not an autobiographical story, there are some experiences from my life that I pulled on. For instance, my mom also passed away from cancer, and I was told months before she passed that she was dying and there was nothing we could do. The whole mother/daughter relationship was, I think, what I would have wanted to happen had I been older when she passed.
Also, there are a few scenes that may have happened with my friends in college….I won’t divulge them all, but here are two that stick out to me.
While the Kyler chair scene seems completely random, my real-life Kyler also called me in a semi-panic to help her build her chair, and it’s seriously one of the moments where I think, “Yep, this girl is going to be one of my best friends.”
I also played Jeopardy with my guy friends before…the Saint Bridget thing still makes me mad to this day.

Why did you decide to change the title?
Parting Chances was originally a working title. But I think in the end, it just stuck, because I couldn’t come up with anything else that worked. And the more I tried to explain to myself that it would work and that it made sense, the more I felt that I could roll with it.
The issue, however, was that I don’t think anyone else understood the title, unless it was explained to them. And I felt maybe that was why people were choosing not to read the book. They would see the title and go, “This makes no sense,” and click past it.
With Love Found it makes so much more sense, without any explanation needed.

What made you realize you wanted to be an author?
For as long as I can remember, I used to make stories up in my head. When my parents first got a computer, I sat down one day and started writing an ‘Nsync fan fiction (yes, I was that girl). And one chapter turned into two…and the next thing I knew, I had thirty two chapters and a legit full length novel.
And it was fun writing.
Fast forward to 2013, and I was a stay-at-home-mom to two tiny humans, and I read…a lot. And one day I thought, “Hey, I could have written this story.” So I sat down at my computer, thought about this recurring dream I’ve had, and wrote out a chapter. I sent the chapter to a friend to see what she thought, and she told me she wanted more. That was my awakening, if you will. It was the moment where I thought, “I could write these stories in my head, and people might actually enjoy them.”

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Explain…
I’m a total pantser. I wrote Choose Us based on a recurring dream, and that was really only a very few scenes. The rest I just…wrote.
With Love Found I just started writing and it led itself. However, I did get stuck towards the end and needed to plot some of the story, but for the most part, it was off the top of my head.
I have plotted a few stories because, as of recent, I’ve been having a hard time writing anything. I thought maybe plotting would be a good idea and would help me write something. But….even that hasn’t worked out well.

Do you have any music that helps you write?
It depends on the story. For Choose Us it was a lot of pop-punk music, because of who Travis is. Love Found was a lot of instrumental piano music, because I needed to be focused and write some pretty difficult scenes. I have a story where country music helps me write. Or a Christmas story where…Christmas music works best.
Again, it really just depends on the story. And I am an eclectic listener; I love most everything.

Have you considered writing in any other genres?
I have. I would love to write a paranormal romance. I just have no idea how to dig into that world. Writing contemporary romances are so much easier for me.
But I wouldn’t turn down the chance to write a paranormal romance…with the right co-author, of course. 😉

What’s your favorite genre to read?
I would have to say contemporary romance. I love me some romance. But I do love paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, sci-fi (sometimes)…but they all need a little romance.

What can we expect from you next?
This year has been tough for me with writing. I can’t pinpoint why, but every story I start, I only make it about five thousand words in before I bail.
With that being said, I do have a story I’m working on about long lost love.
And then there is Nicki’s story…for those of you who have read Choose Us. It’s still being written, albeit slower than expected.

Quick five Questions:
Fave food? Ice cream…mmmmm ice cream. Or pizza, you can never go wrong with pizza.
Fave book? Oy vey. Um…I could give you a favorite book…from every author…I’ve even read. But to answer this one, I’m going to say the book(s) that I can keep going back to time and time again and never get bored. And that is the Harry Potter series. (One book…seven books…what’s the difference?)
Fave holiday? Thanksgiving! Delicious food. The time we decorate for Christmas. The only holiday we celebrate with just our family of four. And football…oh boy, football. CoughGoPackersCough!!
If you were stranded on a desert island, what book would you bring? A survival guide, because I am worthless in the wilderness (or desert island, in this case).
Fave song? Right now, it’s “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Of all time? Probably “Watch the Sky” by Something Corporate.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Caylie fell in love with reading at a young age. With her lively imagination, she created numerous stories in her head throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Her first novel, Choose Us, released in April 2014 and became an Amazon Bestseller.

When she isn’t slaving away at the keyboard, Caylie is an avid reader, and lover of coffee… copious amounts of coffee. She also has an unhealthy addiction to coffee mugs, chapstick, water bottles, football, and tv shows–binge watching is her favorite.

She chases her two kids around the house all day, and has a husband whom she adores.

If you want to stay tuned in to all of the new release news, sign up for Caylie’s spam-free newsletter. It only comes out when something exciting is happening…promise!

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Interview with Clayton Gerrard, author of The Misadventures of a Life Less Lived

1. Tell us something about your latest book. Is it your debut? What genre does it belong to?

It is my debut novel! The Misadventures of a Life Less Lived is the story of Doug, a secretly-bookish college junior who lies to his friends to maintain their good opinion. Doug wakes one morning to discover his life has spoiled. (He kept it in the fridge which is where one keeps it to maintain a chill lifestyle, but somebody left it out overnight.) As a member of a popular fraternity, having no life is social suicide, so he embarks on a quest to find another life before anyone can discover he’s a temporary loser.

Misadventures is New Adult – Magical Realism, so it has a strong fantasy element. It’s also satirical, absurd, and uproariously funny. It’s being published by REUTS publications. You can read the publishers blog here: http://blog.reuts.com/reuts-signs-satirical-and-snarky-the-misadventures-of-a-life-less-lived/

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

It’s a standalone. I do have an idea to take some of the characters on another journey later, but the two books won’t be interrelated at all. My intention is that one could read the second without even knowing there was a first and still feel as though he or she had a whole story.

3. When does your book release?

The tentative release date is February 2016, but it’s not a certainty yet. We’re still awfully fresh in the process, but my fingers are crossed that all deadlines are met early.

4. Which character of your book was the hardest to write?

The most difficult character to write would have to be the lead character, Doug. Since my story is satirical, I have a lot of stock characters that weave in and out of the narrative without much greater purpose than to careen Doug off of in a new direction of self-discovery. Since he was my primary focus, and in essence my theme, I had to mold and shape him through each experience without going too far or letting him stagnate. It’s a delicate process to have a character grow and change from page one to the end without forcing the change on him, or not maturing him enough. Because of it, I had to rewrite the ending nearly a dozen times before I reached one I liked. I kept landing Doug too far beyond his original self, and the endings felt trite and campy. However, after several painstaking revisions, he and I finally found the right wrap-up.

5. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

Spend time with my puppy. She’s the best part of my life. She takes a lot of my time and attention, but she’s absolutely worth it. Together we go on lots of walks. Good for clearing the writing mind.

6. Did anyone inspire you to start writing or did you always know you just had to write?

I always knew I had to create. I was ever the entertainer as a child, charging my granny a nickel to see a magic show, or building haunted houses with my cousins for our parents to walk through. I’ve done a lot of theater, and in fact have two masters degrees in it. Writing has always been a part of my life. I would pound out gibberish on my mom’s electric typewriter when I was really little, and call it my novel. I’ve had lots of fits and starts, but it wasn’t until I finally learned to love and appreciate myself that I found the ability to stick to a project. And low and behold, my novel is forthcoming. Now I want to do little else.

7. Any advice/tips for newbies?

Attend and pitch at conferences. Lightning struck for me and my publisher. I tremble to think how many email queries I could have sent without ever receiving a single response. It can be daunting, let alone disheartening, to receive rejection, but in my mind, it’s even worse to receive nothing. I can’t help but associate my pitch with myself, and think I’m somehow personally a failure. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but I have a hard time remembering that. I find human interaction a vital piece that is missing from the submissions puzzle. At a conference, face to face with a real person, your material may be requested simply because the person across the table likes you as a person and is willing to take a chance. Of course, your material has to be good too. And, at the same time, you can also gauge if you like them. You wouldn’t want to sign with someone you don’t like just to have an agent/book deal. It’s important the interest, respect and appreciation be mutual.

8. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I am writing my next. The working title is A Hero Twain, and it’s the first in a dark, adult fantasy trilogy. It’s still too fresh and tender of an idea to share much more. I will say it’s as different from my first novel as Stephen King is from Douglas Adams. I may be shooting myself in the foot by not furthering the fan base that may come along with Misadventures, but Hero Twain is demanding to be told.

9. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

I would have to say that I especially use the word especially a bit too often. Especially when I need a key segue.

10. Last but not least: What’s your favourite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

M&Ms are my favorite. Good, old-fashioned plain M&Ms, but I do prefer them to be in something. Cookies or ice cream benefit greatly from M&Ms.


Clayton Gerrard awoke one day and decided he’d be a writer. He was two, and the clacking sounds produced by his mother’s electric typewriter when he randomly mashed the keys were most satisfying. Ever since then, he’s been trying to hone his craft and find his voice, but the more he focused on the former the more the latter eluded him and vice versa. So he gave it all up and spent 10 years in college. Now with more degrees than sense he erroneously believes he has something to say.

When he’s not wrestling with his Magical Realism or Fantasy stories, he enjoys a good craft beer, indie movies, complaining about complainers and judging judgmental people. He believes all of life’s challenges are opportunities for personal growth, but tends to forget that when he’s stuck in traffic or a checkout lane. His friends and family mean the world to him, but he hopes they never read this bio because the bastards would lord it over him forever.

Interview with Jessica Cluess, author of A Shadow Bright And Burning

1. Tell us something about your latest book. Is it your debut? What genre does it belong to?

It is my debut! A Shadow Bright and Burning is a young adult historical fantasy set in the early Victorian era in England. Essentially, it’s about a young girl who joins an all-male group of sorcerers to fight a war against monsters.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

It is definitely a series. Books two and three will be coming out in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

3. When does your book release?

Right now, the date is August 30, 2016. It’s not absolutely set in stone, but it’s looking more and more certain.

4. Which character of your book was the hardest to write?

It’s sort of a tie. There’s the protagonist, Henrietta, who was difficult because I have to see everything that happens through her eyes. Finding her natural reaction to things could be challenging. The other hard character was Rook, Henrietta’s childhood best friend. He changes substantially from beginning to end, so keeping up with those shifts was tricky.

5. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

I love to hike. Los Angeles is lousy with good spots, so I’m lucky. Also, I’m a huge movie buff.

6. Did anyone inspire you to start writing or did you always knew you just had to write?

I’ve always written, ever since I can remember. Making up stories was a day-to-day part of my life growing up. But I didn’t start thinking about pursuing it professionally until a few years ago.

7. Any advice/tips for newbies?

Very simply, don’t give up! Also, try to be smart about your choices. For example, the first book I tried to sell was an adult urban fantasy, back when the market was oversaturated. The book failed. I decided to try another genre, one that wasn’t as overcrowded, and it worked. So be as savvy as you can.

8. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I am! I’m working on the sequel to A Shadow Bright and Burning. I can’t say anything right now, but I’m excited about it.

9. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

Just. I just use it in just about everything. Just like this.

10. Last but not least: What’s your favourite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

Cotton candy flavored jellybeans. I’ve loved them since I was little. I can’t get enough.

Author Biop1216467493-4

Jessica Cluess is a writer and general ne’er-do-well. A graduate of Northwestern University, she now lives and works in Los Angeles, where she has served coffee to the rich and famous.

[Cover Reveal] My Sweet Demise by Shana Vanterpool

My Sweet Demise
Shana Vanterpool
(The Demise Series, #1)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: January 5th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Desperation makes a girl do crazy things…

When twenty-one year old Raina O’Connor is kicked out of her room on short notice, she’s thrown into a frantic search for a new place to stay. As the situation becomes more urgent, her choices have dwindled to her least favorite option—ladies’ man, Kent Nicholson.

Kent Nicholson loves women, just not as a roommate…

When a gorgeous blonde with big hazel eyes answers Kent’s ad for a roommate, his red flags start flying. He’s looking for a wingman, not a chick who will put a damper on his game or drench his apartment in pink. It’s clear she’s in a bind, and something about her makes him break his own rules. But when he reluctantly accepts, it’s with four concrete conditions.

Be his wingman. Don’t get in his way with other girls. No bitchy attitudes. And most importantly, she can’t fall for him.

Pretty sure this was the world’s worst idea—ever…

Trust is something earned. Raina learned that the hard way when her father broke her heart as a child, making it easy to steer clear of relationships. But living with Kent somehow stirs emotions Raina has always forbidden herself to have. Plus, he’s everything she never wanted—untrustworthy, pigheaded…and gorgeous. Something tells her Kent isn’t free of his own secret scars…

Love can drag you down and spit you out, and be worth every second.

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Author Bio:

When I walk into a book store I feel at home. When I smell the pages of a brand new book things make sense. When I read I am who I always wanted to be. I read to escape and I write so others can as well. My family, my actress dog Bella, coffee, and a steamy love story are a few of my most precious things. My Sweet Demise is my debut New-Adult contemporary romance novel. Keep up to date with future releases by following on Twitter: @shanavauthor

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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[Review] Shadows At Midnight by Amanda Bonilla

~ Shadows At Midnight by Amanda Bonilla ~

(Shaede Assassin #5)
Genre: Paranormal (Romance)
Date of Publication:
September 24th 2015 by NYLA
Source: Author




Has Darian’s past finally caught up with her?

The Rakshasa queen, Padma, has a score to settle—she wants those responsible for her son’s death to pay and to pay dearly. Darian, Tyler and Xander are all at risk—and Padma’s powers could force them to live the rest of their lives in the madness of the Realm of Illusions…

While Darian is taken and is the first to suffer, she’s soon rescued by Tyler, the one man to never disappoint. But what Darian doesn’t know is that her freedom comes at a steep price—Xander’s the King of Shaedes, imprisonment. Darian knows what horrors await in Padma’s dungeon. A rescue mission won’t be easy and she can’t do it alone.

Deep in the bowels of Goblin Valley, Darian, Tyler, and her small band of Shaede warriors fight their way through a dark labyrinth. In a realm where illusions rule, with danger at every turn, the odds are stacked against them. Time isn’t on their side, every second spent in Padma’s custody will be another step Xander takes toward madness. A kingdom can’t be ruled without its king and the wolves are at the door, waiting. If Darian can’t get to Xander before he succumbs to the illusions, an entire kingdom’s future is at stake…

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[Review] Soul-Mate by Anna Santos

~ Soul Mate by Anna Santos ~

(Immortal Love Series #1)
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Date of Publication:
October 13th 2015 by Booktrope
Source: Author




Annabel is a bad-ass hybrid hunter, seeking revenge from the vampire who killed her parents and put her brother in a coma. Arriving in a new town with an undercover identity to protect and the mission to find a pureblood vampire to save her brother’s life, the last thing Annabel needs is to fall in love with the sexy, persistent werewolf who thinks she’s a helpless human in need of a knight in shining armor.

Shane is a dominant werewolf who also happens to be the local sheriff. He has almost lost hope of finding his better half. So when his beautiful soul-mate shows up and rogue vampires try to kill her, he does what any smart wolf would do: he saves her and takes her home, hoping to convince her that they belong together.

When sparks fly between them, Annabel has to decide if she tells him who she really is or runs the other way to protect her secrets.

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Interview with J.M. Frey, author of The Untold Tale

1. Tell us something about your latest book. Is it your debut? What genre does it belong to? Rotoscoped Cover_JMFrey

My debut novel was the Lambda Award Nominated TRIPTYCH, which was released in 2011. However, THE UNTOLD TALE is my first epic fantasy novel, so it is a bit like a debut. It’s very exciting because there’s a whole different demographic, set of websites, and different marketing techniques used for fantasy books, and I’m really enjoying the creativity of it.

THE UNTOLD TALE is an NA Epic Fantasy. Publisher’s Marketplace called it “Inkheart for Adults”, and I’ve nicknamed it my feminist meta-fantasy novel. This is the official copy:

THE UNTOLD TALE follows Pip, who is pulled against her will into the epic fantasy novel series she’s loved since she was a teenager. However, the world is darker, and far more dangerous than she could have ever predicted, especially when it turns out the hero is a much bigger misogynistic ass than she knew.  Pip knows how to circumnavigate the Hero’s Journey and the pitfalls and loopholes of this particular world – but what will happen to her beloved characters outside of the comfort of the fantasy they were written for?

What I love about this book, though, is that it’s not told from Pip’s perspective. The narrator is the younger brother of the world’s big enchanted-sword wielding power-fantasy hero. And he himself is a representative of the everyman geek. Classic fantasy books have a history of having no respectable place for women in their narratives, and stereotyping men who are clever and use their brains instead of brawn as snivelling, whiney villains. As an adolescent, this made it really hard for me to find anything to relate to in fantasy books. I was brainy and female. Those sorts of characters just did not exist. So when I decided I wanted to write a Swords and Sorcery epic, I wanted to write a compelling, engaging tale where the power-fantasy hero is not the one who saves the day, but the sidelined, ridiculed characters.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

This is my first series! THE UNTOLD TALE is Book One of THE ACCIDENTAL TURN series. The series is comprised of three novels and two e-book only novellas. They are: THE UNTOLD TALE (Dec 2015), THE FORGOTTEN TALE (June 2016), THE SILENCED TALE (Dec 2016) and THE GUARRALOUS GHOST OF GWILLFIFESHIRE (winter 2016) and THE WONDROUS WOES OF THE WRITER (summer 2016). The novellas take place around the same time as the series, but are from different perspectives and cover areas of the tale that the books don’t.

There’s also a website and social media for the faux-author of the fake fantasy series I created for the books, The Tales of Kintyre Turn, and it’s been a lot of fun commissioning fan artists to draw fan art of the series, posting as Elgar Reed, the author, and encouraging people to write fanfiction about the non-existent fantasy books.

3. When does your book release?

Just in time for people to buy it for a stocking stuffer! I’ll be released December 8th, 2015.

4. Which character of your book was the hardest to write?

The fantasy hero, Kintyre Turn. He had to be filled with the sort of brawny, jock-like arrogance that geeks like me have come to resent, but at the same time, be more than just a stereotype. He had to have pathos, and he had to be someone whom the reader eventually comes to know in more depth and feels for. That’s one of the reasons I made him such an art-lover. I wanted him to be able to really appreciate beauty in a deep way, beyond hot chicks in chainmail bikinis.

The whole book was difficult, really, because I had to tread that line between creating characters and situations and settings that the reader immediately identifies with and feels at home in. I needed that “Ah, yes, this is fantasy!” feeling. But at the same time, I had to subvert that, tell the story from different perspectives, figure out how to tell a typical Hero’s Journey story that completely deviates and flips the Hero’s Journey while still sending our characters on the Hero’s Journey!

5. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

I was an actor before I was ever a writer. I actually went to school for theatre, and did a lot of children’s and community theatre plays when I was younger. After an accident made it too hard for me to dance any more, I switched my focus to voice acting and it is so much fun. It is seriously way cool. Mostly I do it in non-paying radio dramas, or in webseries, but I hope one day to be the English voice of a popular anime character. That would be tres amazing. I have a really nice mic, and a pop guard, and a little home studio that I erect with blankets and poles, like a blanket-fort around my computer.

6. Did anyone inspire you to start writing or did you always knew you just had to write?

I discovered fanfiction in 1991, and immediately started writing fanfiction of my own (for Sailor Moon, DragonballZ, and Dracula: the series). Before that, I had written little plays, like most child actors do.

Once I began writing fanfic, I wrote nearly every day for pretty much a full decade. In 2001, one of my TAs at university suggested I try my hand at original fiction. Between 2002-2007 I wrote this, jeeze, just epic dark fantasy book about vampires and ancient gods and redheaded trickster figures, and knew as soon as it was finished that it was just unpublishable. Not because it was bad, but because it was so big, and sprawling, and … epic.

After that, I just wrote another book, and another one, and another one. The first one after the epic was TRIPTYCH, which I signed independently with Dragon Moon Press in 2009, and after that I decided to just keep writing books. I mean, people clearly wanted more, and I had so many ideas, so I just kept at it. I don’t think there was a day when I wasn’t writing something, even while I was doing my MA thesis. I’ve done NaNoWriMo every year since 2003.

Some of those books are in my morgue, some I am serializing on Wattpad, but most are now with my agent, who is shopping them, or signing them with publishers. I will never have enough time to write all the stories in my head, I think.

7. Any advice/tips for newbies?

This may sound flippant, but my biggest piece of advice is to just finish the book. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Writing makes manuscripts, editing makes novels. So get the darn thing on the page, don’t agonize about each word or sentence, or how poetic it is. You can always go back later and fix it, make it better, make it cleaner. But you can’t craft a book until you have a manuscript, and you don’t have a manuscript unless you put your butt in that seat and write it. (You can do it!! *waves pom poms*)

8. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

THE ACCIDENTAL TURN SERIES is my first series, and I’m trying to get all the books written before the manuscript for the first one is locked just in case we need to go in and fiddle with it based on something I’ve written in the later books. I wrote THE UNTOLD TALE in 2013, and signed the series in March 2015. Since then I’ve been finishing up the book I was writing when the deal came through (a YA novel that my agent is currently reading), and jumped straight into book two of the series. I literally just finished writing it last week, and once it’s out to my beta readers/critique partners, I am going to plow straight into book three and the last remaining novella. Wish me luck!

I am really enjoying book two, though, because it’s all about what happens after the Happily Ever After, and the story is over, and the Hero has returned. A lot of series spread the Hero’s Journey out through all the books, but I wanted to finish it at the end of the first book, so the rest of the series could be about what happens next. What kind of a life do you live with the experiences you gained as a hero? (I mean, I always wanted to know what Aragorn and Arwen did in their day-to-day life as King and Queen of Gondor; didn’t you? Maybe that’s why I like fanfiction so much. It really does explore what happens in the parts of the narrative we never get to experience.)

9. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

In this series? “Obligingly”. Forsyth, my narrator, is such a posh ponce. He’s sort of a mix of Mycroft Holmes (I want him to be played by Mark Gaitiss so bad), and Mr. Darcy, and Q from JAMES BOND, and Lucifer Box (whoops, there’s my second Gaitiss inspiration), and Lt. Data. I know, it’s a weird combination.

10. Last but not least: What’s your favourite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

I might be the only person on the planet with this answer, but I LOVE candy corn! I also love the cola gummies (which is weird because I don’t drink pop) and caramels.

Author Bio  JMFrey_Sears

J.M. Frey is a voice actor, and SF/F author, fanthropologist and professional geek. She’s appeared in podcasts, documentaries, and on television to discuss all things geeky through the lens of academia. She also has an addiction to scarves, Doctor Who, and tea, which may or may not all be related. Her life’s ambitions are to have stepped foot on every continent (only 3 left!), and to perform a duet with John Barrowman.
Her debut novel TRIPTYCH was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards,  won the San Francisco Book Festival award for SF/F, was nominated for a 2011 CBC Bookie, was named one of The Advocate’s Best Overlooked Books of 2011, and garnered both a starred review and a place among the Best Books of 2011 from Publishers Weekly.
THE UNTOLD TALE, book one of The Accidental Turn Series, debuts December 2015. Dubbed “Inkheart for Adults”, the story follows Pip, a fan girl extraordinaire as she teams up with the overlooked younger brother of a fantasy-epic hero to defeat the one villain the author of her favourite fantasy book series never seemed to be able to get rid of.

Interview with Rhyannon Byrd, author of Wild Wolf Claiming + INTL’ Giveaway!!

wild wolf claiming1. Tell us something about your latest book. What is it about? What genre does it belong to?

Wild Wolf Claiming is a dark, sexy, action-packed paranormal romance about a hot-as-hell Lycan with a tortured past and the sweet, strong human female he not only wants to protect, but is also determined to claim as his. It takes place in the month of December, leading up to Christmas, and the villains are something that we’ve never seen before in the Bloodrunners’ world. That’s probably about as much as I should say, except that the heat factor is high, the sexual tension is intense, and the emotional connection between the characters is hopefully one that will truly reach in and grab a reader’s heart.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

This is the 8th book in my Bloodrunners series, so you’ll see a lot of the heroes and heroines from the previous stories—but I do try to make it so that a new reader can jump right in and still follow along. Then, if they enjoy the story, they can always go back to the beginning, with Last Wolf Standing, and work their way through the series.

3. When does your book release?

On December 1st!

4. Which character of your book (or series) was the hardest to write?

I think each character has his/her own difficulties, but that’s what makes them interesting. When I start a book, I usually feel that the hero will be the most challenging that I’ve ever had to write, and it was the same with Elliot Connors. He had such a sad, traumatic background, one that obviously had a tremendous impact on him not only as a boy but also as a man, and yet, I didn’t want his past to overshadow his every thought and emotion. I wanted to show how strong he was, and the lengths he was willing to go to in order to make a relationship with Skye work, and that hopefully comes across in the story. Despite his efforts, he has some major setbacks, but his devotion to his woman is always at the core of his motivations.

5. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

My family and I love to go to the theatre, cinema and concerts, and we’re lucky to live in an area of the UK that enables us to get out and see all kinds of awesome events. In the past month alone we’ve seen Hecuba at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Elf the Musical in London, and Spectre on its opening night. In September, we saw the Foo Fighters and Florence + the Machine in concert, Coriolanus with the lovely Tom Hiddleston at our local Picturehouse, Henry V on stage, and also comedian Michael McIntyre on his arena tour. We also love to watch American Football, though we all pull for different teams, and travel as much as we can. Our family vacation this summer was spent in warm, beautiful Sicily, and it’s now one of my most favorite places in the world.

6. Did anyone inspire you to start writing or did you always know you just had to write?

I’ve always had a love of reading and writing, but it wasn’t until I found Anne Rice’s novels in my early twenties that I fell in love with paranormal romance and knew I wanted to try and create my own stories in this fascinating genre. She remains one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read and I still love to get lost in her rich, intoxicating worlds.

7. Any advice/tips for newbies?

I think the most important advice I could give to any new author is to write—write, write, write—and while you’re getting those words down, make sure you’re working on the stories that you completely and absolutely LOVE. It’s easy to look around at what seems to be the “hot new thing” and think that you should dive right in, but if your heart’s not in the story it’s going to show. At the end of the day, writing the stories for the characters that are truly calling to you is where you’ll find your passion and creativity.

8. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I have several self-published stories that I’m working on at the moment, as well as the next Bloodrunners book, Wild Wolf Chasing. This is Max Doucet’s story, and much of the timeline overlaps with Wild Wolf Claiming. Max’s heroine, Vivian Jackson, is Skye’s roommate and best friend, and Max and Elliot are Bloodrunning partners. So there’s a lot of crossover between the two books, which makes things tricky, but also a lot of fun.

9. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

It would definitely be a curse word! 😉 I’m only allowed to say “F*ck” so many times in my Bloodrunners books, so I have to be careful not to rely too heavily on other words like “damn” and “hell.”

10. Last but not least: What’s your favourite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

Snickers and peanut M&Ms! Omnomnom…

Author Bio:rhyannon byrd

Rhyannon Byrd is the bestselling author of more than thirty contemporary erotic and paranormal romance titles, including the Dangerous Tides series and the Bloodrunners series. After having spent years enjoying the glorious sunshine of the American South and Southwest, Rhyannon now lives in the beautiful county of Warwickshire in England with her husband, kids and lovable Rottweiler. For more information on Rhyannon’s books and the latest news, you can visit her website at www.rhyannonbyrd.com or find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RhyannonByrd.

Wild Wolf Claiming Links:

★Series Reading Order: http://www.rhyannonbyrd.com/#!bloodrunners/c1d3a

★Pinterest Inspiration Board: https://www.pinterest.com/rhyannonbyrd

★Read an excerpt here: http://www.rhyannonbyrd.com/#!wild-wolf-claiming-excerpt/ivqai

★Pre-Order Links:

Amazon US: http://amzn.com/B00ZPUN78W
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013L2O8T2
iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/wild-wolf-claiming/id1010693671?mt=11
Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wild-wolf-claiming-rhyannon-byrd/1122220961

Rhyannon was so nice to send me a SIGNED copy of Wild Wolf Claiming plus some swag to give to one of you. Here is what you will get.


Here is what you will get. I should really stop using the flash when I take photos.


Look at that signing. Her writing is so beautiful!

All you have to do for a chance to win is click on the rafflecopter link.

And yes, this is open international.

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Touch Of Seduction (Primal Instinct #4)

[Review] Wild Wolf Claiming by Rhyannon Byrd

~ Wild Wolf Claiming by Rhyannon Byrd ~

(Bloodrunners #8)
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Date of Publication:
December 1st 2015 by Harlequin Nocturne
Source: Author




His wolf had never reacted this strongly to a woman… And. She. Was. His.

Werewolf Elliot Connors had come to the sleepy town of Charity to stop a madman from claiming his next victims for his macabre collection of sex slaves. After saving Skye Hewitt from being kidnapped, Elliot desires the diner waitress more than his next breath. All his senses scream that Skye is his life-mate. But his past has taught him well that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Now things are about to get bloody, dangerous…and wild.

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Interview with D.D. Ayres, author of Primal Force

1. Tell us something about your latest book. Is it your debut? What genre does it belong to?“cover1

My latest book is Primal Force (September, 2015). It’s the third novel in my first series called the “K-9 Rescue” series. All the books in this Romantic Suspense series feature a different professional K-9 handler and his canine partner. A one sentence pitch would be: Hot guys, cool dogs and the women they love! There are females handlers, too. But if you’ve seen my covers, you will understand the pitch. 😉

While developing the series, I did a lot of research. A brief look around the internet showed me that the professional K-9s in today’s world are exceptional in every way. They aid, protect, and save lives each and every day. There are dogs trained for everything from search and rescue to patrol and apprehension to medical alert to explosives detection to arson investigation, PTSD service and so on. I wanted to write about them all! That’s when my series settled on being about K-9 teams with a different specialty highlighted in each book.

The first, an eBook novella Necessary Force, features an FBI agent and his explosives detecting K-9. The full-length novels are #1: Irresistible Force, about a police patrol K-9 team. #2: Force of Attraction has two teams. The heroine is a police officer with a K-9 who does dog agility as a hobby. The hero is a DEA officer with a drug detection K-9. He’s also her ex! When they go undercover the suspense and danger doesn’t only come from their assignment.

#3: Primal Force is a bit of a departure because it’s about a veteran, a former Military Policeman with a K-9, who was badly injured in Afghanistan. He lost both his K-9 and his leg in an attack. It’s four years later and his physical injuries have mostly healed but he has begun to suffer bad PTSD issues. The heroine is a K-9 trainer who trained the dog my vet is given. After having a hard-charging war dog, this quiet service dog named Samantha is not my hero’s idea of a real dog. I’ve been told the book has two love stories. One between the humans, and one between my veteran and the dog whose different qualities he has to learn to appreciate. That response made me very happy. I hadn’t thought of it that way. But it’s true.

The K-9 Rescue series novels are available in all formats: print, digital and audio. The next book in the series, titled Rival Forces, is due out May, 2016. I’m in the midst of writing Elemental Forces at the moment, due out in the late fall of 2016.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

While the books are part of the K-9 Rescue series, each book can be read as a stand-alone because each K-9 team and couple are different. They are loosely joined by a common thread, the kennel (Harmonie Kennels) where the K-9 and/or handler trained, and a connection to the kennel owner (Yardley Summers). But they can be read in any order.

3. When does your book release?

Primal Force, the latest, is available now in print and eBook. Audio should be out soon, I’m told. Rival Forces is scheduled for May of 2016.

4. Which character of your book was the hardest to write?

Wow, that’s a tough one! In Primal Force, it was definitely Lauray “Law” Battise. He had a very difficult upbringing with a mostly absent father who taught him women were mere playthings, and that a man who needs help or love is weak. Law knows deep inside that this can’t be true, but he has a lot to overcome. He doesn’t even like himself when the book opens. And he certainly doesn’t like the bright red curly Labradoodle he’s given as a PTSD dog. He calls her a “Cheese Doodle” because of her long curly tail. So, I tried something different in this book to soften the reader’s view of Law. I gave Samantha, the “Cheese Doodle” a point of view. She’s a dog and I wrote it to sound as much like a dog thinks as I could imagine. She’s not a human in a dog suit. So, really, Law’s character helped stretch me as a writer.

5. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

I really love to read, naturally. And I love to cook. I create my own recipes. In fact, I just contributed three recipes to a St. Martin’s author holiday cookbook called “We ♥ The Holidays.” I included a recipe for your dog or cat: PupCakes. Anyone can download a FREE COPY at my website: http://www.ddayres.com. It’s available in all formats.

I’m also a big fan of movies and T.V. shows, in particular British mysteries. I also love to travel, especially internationally (when I get the chance!)

6. Did anyone inspire you to start writing or did you always knew you just had to write?

I’ve been writing a good while. I started when I had children – three, two in diapers- as a way of doing something creative. I didn’t know anyone who wrote but I ran out of something to read (big reader!) and started telling myself a story, and fell in love with writing. I sold my very first book, a historical romance titled Silks and Sabers to Dell Publishing under my birth name of Laura Parker. Many more Laura Parker romance novels (and one non-fiction) followed. I then switched to a genre I call “Women’s Fiction” under my married name, Laura Castoro. Some of those titles are A New Lu, Icing on the Cake and Crossing the Line. I have more than 40 titles published traditionally. The name “D.D Ayres” was adopted for my Romantic Suspense writing. I love it. The freedom to recreate one’s writing style!

7. Any advice/tips for newbies?

Write! Every day! Keep writing and reworking to get better. If you don’t love writing you won’t make it as a career. The pressures are too strong. That’s not to say there aren’t days when you’ll hate it, but it’s something you can’t stop doing, even if you quit. I can attest to that.

The other thing I would suggest is to join organizations and book clubs, and to attend a writer’s conference. One caveat: Get to know your writing style before you show your work to others. If you share an idea before it’s fully formed, you can find you lose it to the input of others. Protect your creative impulse. Share what you feel confident in. There will be criticism but you’ll know what helps and what doesn’t.

8. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Yes, I’m at work on the fifth book in the K-9 Rescue Series- tentatively titled Elemental Forces. It features a fire investigator and his arson dog, and the woman who rescues them both! It will be out later in 2016.

9. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

Every book seems to have a different over-used word. In general, “because” and “but.” Have to weed them out.

10. Last but not least: What’s your favorite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

CHOCOLATE! Darker the better, rich, expensive chocolate!

Author Bio:Marko-DD-1(4)

A veteran author of romance and women’s fiction, D.D. Ayres now writes Romantic Suspense, and loves it! She believes the lure of romance is always the human connection. Put that connection in physical jeopardy, and we learn a bit more about who we really are.

With her K-9 Rescue series, D.D. hopes you will enjoy her sexy, suspenseful portrayals of K-9 teams at their best.

D.D. lives in Texas with her husband and a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier named Zoe.

Follow D.D. on: Twitter | Website