Interview with Anna Santos, author of Soul-Mate

1. Tell us something about your latest book. Is it your debut? What genre does it belong to?coversoul-mate

“Soul-Mate” is the first book in a series of paranormal romance, and it’s the first book that I’m publishing in English.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

It can be read as a standalone, however it belongs to a series of four books. So far I’m in the middle of writing the third book. Each book follows a different heroine, though they are all interconnected by events or characters from the first book.

3. When does your book release?

It was released on October, 13th,.

4. Which character of your book was the hardest to write?

I enjoy writing every single character of that book. Characters come to me with their own personalities and I find it easy to get inside of their heads and write them. However, since it’s a series of books, when I was writing the second book, a lot of those characters that I created in the first book where a lot easier to understand their motives and personalities and when it was time to edit and fix the draft, it helped a lot that I knew a lot more about the plot and their pasts.

5. If you’re not writing, what do you love to do?

I love watching shows and movies. I also love reading. Another hobby of mine is baking. And sometimes, when I’m really in need of relaxation, I like to walk. I have a park where I go to clear my head and think about all my other books. Even if I’m not writing, I’m always thinking about what I want to write or about any other story that may wake up inside my head and make me passionate enough to create something new.

6. Did anyone inspire you to start writing or did you always knew you just had to write?

I knew that I had to write. It was something inside of me from an early age. I wanted to learn how to write to fill pages with words even before I was old enough to understand what it was to be a writer. I used to create small poems when I was at school, I loved to tell my younger brother make-up stories about enchanting worlds to calm him down and make him fall asleep. I guess I was born for it and even if it’s hard to be a writer, it’s what I am, not because I published a book, but because I write even if I didn’t have anyone to read what I write.

7. Any advice/tips for newbies?

I know that this is an usual question, however, I really can’t say anything but that if you truly want to be a writer, do not think that you will be automatically a huge success or that you can be a writer without being a reader. Writers read, not because they search for ideas in other people’s books, but because to be a great writer you need to understand what it makes a great book entice and make people want to keep reading it.

8. Are you already writing a new book? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I’m always writing new books. Actually I have four books that I’m writing at the same time. I’m writing book three of this new series. I’m writing a new book for the nanowrimo competition, I’m finishing a Young Adult story, and I’m in the middle of a second book of another series that it’s also paranormal romance about vampires and werewolves.

9. A word that you use way too often? (Mine are “quite” and “probably”)

I realized when I was trying to edit my own stuff that I used a lot “and”, and it became annoying even for me. ahaha I’m trying to fix that now when I’m writing so that when I’m editing it’s easier for me and my editor.

10. Last but not least: What’s your favourite type of candy, if you don’t mind me asking?

Well, I could say chocolate because I love chocolate, but I’m going to confess that my latest obsession is gummy bears but they need to be sour.

Author Bio:

Anna Santos is an up-and-coming New Adult author with an impressive number of followers who builds worlds of undeniable beauty, with witty and enchanting characters.
Anna always keeps her readers on their toes with her adrenaline-fueled adventures, suspense-filled cliffhangers, and steamy love scenes.
When she isn’t writing, Anna is considering plot twists for her next novel or delving into the world of her favorite authors.


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