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I’m so excited to share with you a new release coming from one of my favorite authors! Dianne’s Duvall’s Phantom Embrace will be available at eBook retailers everywhere on June 28th! This is an exciting and captivating novella set in the world of the Immortal Guardians and I can’t wait for you to read it!
I already knew how Phantom Embrace would end, since I read the other books in the Immortal Guardians series, but this novella makes the end of Night Unbound so much more bearable.
The relationship between Yuri and Cat was cute and heartbreaking and I kind of hope to hear from those two again in a later Immortal Guardians book, but I’m not sure if it will actual happen. Only time can tell. Make it happen, Dianne!

I can’t wait to read more of the immortal guardians and this world.

~ This novella can – at least in my opinion – be read as a standalone ~

Rating: 4 starsAbout the book

Phantom Embrace 
(Immortal Guardians #5.5)
by Dianne Duvall
ebook, 112 pages
ISBN 1420143530

Across dimensions . . . 

Born with the ability to see spirits, immortal Yuri Sokolov avoids making contact with them, because such has always yielded negative results…until lovely Cat Seddon begins haunting his home and his dreams. As a new threat rises against the Immortal Guardians, Yuri disregards all the rules so he can be with Cat, even though the consequences are substantial.

For centuries, Catherine Seddon has been alone. When her brother is forced to join the Immortal Guardians’ ranks, she haunts the primary home of the powerful warriors to keep an eye on him, and soon finds herself captivated by Yuri. The handsome Russian immortal swiftly banishes her loneliness as friendship grows between them and deepens into love.  But can two people who are unable to touch find a future together?

Previously published in On The Hunt


Dianne: Thank you, Emalie, for helping me celebrate the release of my Immortal Guardians novella PHANTOM EMBRACE. I’m so happy to be here at Bookgatherer.

It’s a pleasure having you here!! Now starting with the Q&A…

When did you get the idea to match Cat and Yuri?

Dianne: I have wanted to give Cat her own story ever since I wrote the first book in the series, DARKNESS DAWNS. But I didn’t find the right hero for her until I wrote the fifth book, NIGHT UNBOUND. After I finished that one, I knew Yuri was the perfect hero for her. And I really wanted Yuri to have his own HEA.

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one wondering, but now that Yuri and Cat have found their happily-ever-after will we be seeing them again?

Dianne: You definitely aren’t the only one wondering. Normally I don’t like saying much about future books, but so many have asked me that I’ll say . . . Yes, you’ll see Yuri and Cat again. I just won’t say when or where.

How did you feel when you hit the end of Phantom Embrace?

Dianne: I felt great. Cat’s long years of loneliness ended with her finally getting the HEA I’ve been wanting to give her. And Yuri found the love for which he has been waiting centuries. After all that happened in the last book, that was important to me.

Did you have a favorite song or even a playlist while writing Phantom Embrace that you would like to share with us?

Dianne: I admit to being partial to Disturbed’s Down With the Sickness, since the immortals and vampires in my series gain their superior speed, strength, and heightened senses from a rare symbiotic virus that infects them. But I generally prefer to write in quiet.

Who is your favorite character out of all of your books – yes, I’m aware that’s like picking your favorite child.

Dianne: That is such a hard question to answer! But if I absolutely have to choose a favorite, it’s Seth. Seth is the immensely powerful leader of the Immortal Guardians. He works so hard to provide the other immortals with a warm family environment, and sacrifices so much for them. And Seth has been with me for a very long time. I first created him years ago for A SORCERESS OF HIS OWN (the first book in The Gifted Ones series). His presence in that one (and that of Alyssa, the heroine) fired my imagination and inspired many of the what-ifs that led me to create my Immortal Guardians series. So without Seth, neither of my series would exist . . . which is also why I can’t wait to give him his own book.

Don’t miss a single Immortal Guardians tale!
Book 1, Darkness Dawnshttp://amzn.to/1GC0nmk
Book 2, Night Reignshttp://amzn.to/1GC0pKP
Book 3, Phantom Shadowshttp://amzn.to/1JnRqUE
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Book 4, Darkness Rises http://amzn.to/1QTHqq7
Book 5, Night Unboundhttp://amzn.to/1SQdwRk
Book 5.5, Phantom Embracehttp://amzn.to/23p0HGm
Book 6, Shadows Strikehttp://amzn.to/23p143x
About the author

Dianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series and The Gifted Ones series. Her books have twice been nominated for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance and are routinely deemed Top Picks by RT Book Reviews, The Romance Reviews, and/or Night Owl Reviews. Reviewers have called Dianne’s books “utterly addictive” (RT Book Reviews), “fast-paced and humorous” (Publishers Weekly), “extraordinary” (Long and Short Reviews), and “wonderfully imaginative” (The Romance Reviews).

Dianne loves all things creative. When she isn’t writing, Dianne is active in the independent film industry and has even appeared on-screen, crawling out of a moonlit grave and wielding a machete like some of the vampires she has created in her books.

For the latest news on upcoming releases, contests, and more, please visit http://www.DianneDuvall.com. You can also find Dianne online . . .

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  1. Thank you for hosting Dianne today for this fun interview on the PHANTOM EMBRACE Blog Tour! I hope that your readers enjoyed it and are excited to grab PHANTOM EMBRACE on June 28th! – Crystal @ Author’s Taproom


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