[Review] Island Kisses by Krista Lakes

About the book

Island Kisses
(The Kisses series #9)
by Krista Lakes

ebook, 247 pages
Publication Date: July 20th 2016

After hundreds of catastrophic dates, she never expected to find love.

Harper Thomas loves bad dates. She goes on hundreds of them a year, and then blogs about them online to make her living. When her sister signs her up for a new dating service, Harper’s not expecting to find anything other than more ridiculous men. She certainly isn’t planning to meet him…

Gabe Honors is one of the billionaire owners of Kindling Dating. He also happens to be Miami’s most eligible bachelor, but his search for love has never been successful. That is, until he decided to use his own dating service. The first time he meets Harper, he knew that she was the one. However, in order to make sure that it really was love, he kept his identity a secret. He soon finds out, secrets never mix well with love…

Can a billionaire CEO finally stump this bad-date-blogger? Can Harper look past the money and find the man? Or will they only be left with memories of their island kisses?

Island Kisses is the ninth book in a series of standalone billionaire romances. If you like sweet stories on the beach, then you’ll love this story of a regular girl and a handsome stranger falling in love.

review~ Book generously provided by the author in exchange for my honest opinion

Island Kisses is one of these books that you will end with a smile on your face. It was the right amount of cheesy, drama and spark.

The “twist” was a bit obvious, because I, as the reader, already knew what Gabe’s job was, so if the synopsis would have been different it would have probably worked a bit better. But since that twist was the only thing Krista Lakes could work with, it was ok.

Gabe’s and Harper’s interaction was quite funny and I found myself often chuckling. Also along the way of reading Island Kisses I asked myself if there was a way to purchase a creature as good-mannered and funny as Gabe. If someone has one and doesn’t want it anymore, send that creature my way 😉

What I also liked was the fact that Harper was a blogger. Her post about bad dates were hilarious, but at the same time I felt kind of sorry for her and was glad when Gabe came along, finally a good date for Harper.

Island Kisses can perfectly be read as a stand-alone romance and is really easy to understand. The writing style of Krista Lakes was nice and I was surprised at how fast I was through with the book.

So if you’re in the mood for a funny, billionaire romance, you might consider giving this a try.

Rating: 4 stars

About the authorKrista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing. She loves aquatic life and running marathons. She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy.

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