Mini Reviews #3

Cody McFayden – The Truth Factory (Review copy proved by NetGalley Germany)

I read the first four Smoky Barrett books a few years ago and really loved them, but this one… by 39% I couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe my expectations were just way too high, but it was so damn boring and  then all these descriptions. I skipped whole paragraphes because they were just bla bla bla.

Also Smoky’s team and family that I loved dearly in the previous books were pretty much absent.

I wished I could have loved this, but I can’t read another 250+ pages. (the german version is 480 pages long).

Rating: DNF

Mina MacLeod – Experiment Number Six (Review copy proved by NetGalley)

If you are expecting a big romance in Experiment Number Six, you won’t find it. It focuses more on the whole mission stuff and getting Jason Slate to regain his memory. I had no problems with that fact, I liked it, but I have a problem with the fact that I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a prologue novella for an upcoming full book or not. Because I really wanted them to catch the bad, bad terrorists and the ending was just a bit too sudden for me. It was a novella so I can’t really expect much about character development and I didn’t, so that’s that.

The one thing I can say for sure is that I really enjoyed the writing style, it hooked me from the first page.

That little twist near the ending was fun, a bit obvious, but fun nevertheless.

If you are looking for a quick afternoon read – took me 25 min – then you might give this a try, but don’t expect a big romance story.

Experiment Number Six didn’t blew me away, but it was an ok read to fill my afternoon for a few minutes. I blame the fact that it was only ok for me on the fact that I’m used to full length books. If this had been full lenghted I believe I would have liked it more.

Rating: 2,5 stars

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