Mini Reviews #6

I haven’t done Mini Reviews or any type of reviews in a while (or in forever), so here we go.

Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert (Review copy provided by NetGalley)

When I started Better Not Pout I wasn’t really feeling it. Not because I didn’t enjoyed the writing style or liked the characters, I liked both of those things, no, it was simply because I wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit. The next holiday we celebrate here is Christmas and by the time I read this book Christmas was still 2.5 month away.
By the end of Better not pout I was totally feeling the Christmas spirit and wouldn’t be mad about it if Christmas would be next week.
I absolutely love anything Annabeth Albert writes so it’s not surprising that I really liked this book as well. If you’ve never read a book by her, maybe try this one since it’s a standalone and it’s holiday themed with an adorable elf and a grumpy Santa clause.

Rating: 4 stars

Single White Incubus by E.J Russell (Review copy provided by NetGalley)

I read single white incubus and vampire with benefits, both are books by EJ Russell, back to back and I have to say even though I would normally pick the book with the vampire as the better one, this time it’s the opposite. I still enjoyed vampire with benefits but single white incubus was just a tad better.
I really liked the way it all worked out between Ted and Quentin in the end. I’ve always been a fan of the accidentally married trope or the married to the wrong person trope so this book played right into that.
I personally haven’t read a book by EJ Russell before Single White Incubus (and Vampire with Benefits) and just while writing this review I’ve found out that these books are a spin-off of another series – can absolutely be read as standalones though – so I will probably pick up the other series as well because I quite enjoyed it and I’m always on the lookout for some good LGBT paranormal romance. Those are quite rare in my opinion.

Rating: 3.75 stars

Join The Club by Charlie Cochet (Review copy provided by author)

I love the books written by Charlie Cochet. The humor, the action, the friendships. I received Join the Club right after I finished BOOK TITLE OF SECOND BOOK so I went right in and Join the Club is now my favorite book of this series. The books of this series could possibly be read as standalones but I wouldn’t recommend it because you will miss a lot of background information and in the case of the couple of this book a lot of sexual tension.
The sexual tension between Mason and Lucky was thick in this book, let me tell you that. I love me some good sexual tension.
I wanted to whack those two on the head from time to time but I loved every second reading about them. Also can we talk about that epilog. I’m so glad King’s book is supposed to come out in late December, because I’m not very patient and I need to know more about King’s story.

Rating: 4.25 stars

The Academy by Quinn Anderson (Review copy provided by NetGalley)

This is the first book by Quinn Anderson that I read and it might not be the last one.

Overall I liked The Academy. The beginning was a bit lengthy and I didn’t really like Sebastian at first. I was a bit more interested in the relationship of Dante and Theo than the main relationship.

I personally liked the whole drama at the end of the book, compared to a few other reviews I’ve read.

The chapters were a bit long – I like shorter ones better, but this did nothing to the rating, just my personal preference.

I really liked the writing style of Quinn Anderson and I will probably pick up another book by this author.

I didn’t really feel the love between the two MCs, but that’s probably due to the fact that the whole relationship took place in two weeks. I felt it in the epilogue though.

Rating: 3,75 stars

Saddle Up by A.M. Arthur (Review copy provided by NetGalley)

I really love A.M. Arthur, but this one was in my opinion the weakest of the series. I really liked Miles and his dramatic background story and I liked Reyes. What I didn’t like what that Reyes had to have an even more dramatic past than Miles, which he kept a secret for a long time and then of course it caused some over-the-top drama. I’m always for drama, the more the better, but this felt off.

I don’t really know how to rate this, I liked it, but at the same time I was a bit… I don’t know… over it?

I’m sorry, A.M.! I really, really love your books.

Rating: 3 stars