Mini Reviews #7

Prince of Air and Darkness by M.A. Grant (Review copy provided by NetGalley)

I told a friend about this book after I sent in my request to review it on NetGalley and she was like “what is it about?” and I answered “Fae…”.  Her response was “fae? You hate fae, how come you requested this?” Well, she isn’t wrong, but… the synopsis spoke to me and I had this intense notion to hit that request button.  Let me tell you though, I seriously don’t regret it one bit. This is – I believe – the very first book with fae in it that I like. That is huge!

I loved the whole human and ley lines thing and you might not believe me when I say this but my favourite character was not the human Phineas (called Finn by Roark) but the fae Roark. I loved Roark’s and Finn’s “hate” relationship at the beginning – even though I personally would only describe it as mild dislike – and the slow transformation into more.

This book is definitely a slow burner with lots of… let’s call them… fight scenes and I mean actual fights with fists and magic and not arguments.

I can absolutely see me reading the second book which is about one of Finn’s friends.

Rating: 4 stars

Blood Is Forever by Asta Idonea (Review copy provided by NetGalley)

I’m always intrigued by halflings, characters that are two types of creatures. The main character in this one is vamp/fae and while the synopsis sounded promising, I wasn’t completely sold by it. My main problem was Holden, the main character. He was supposed to be this guy with a hard shell, because he had a rough childhood but he is extremely easily hurt by something a random stranger at that stage in the story said. Also his immediate attraction and obsession with Val was also strange. Also I liked Raoul a lot more with Holden than Val.

I liked the twist and thought that was cool because it was something I wouldn’t have thought would happen.

Nevertheless, even though I had my problems with Holden, I still kind of want to read the next book of this series.

Rating: 2,5 stars


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