Mini Reviews #8

The Marked Prince by M.A. Grant (review copy provided by NetGalley)

Color me surprised, but the first book apparently wasn’t a fluke for me, because I liked The Marked Prince just as much and I’m pretty such I still dislike fae themes in other books.

It looks like it is just this series that is the exception and I really don’t know why. Still I really liked The Marked Prince. It was different and kind of dark. I felt that the ending was a bit rushed compared to the pacing of the rest of the book but I at the same time I was kept on my toes while reading it, always wondering if the scene I’m reading at the moment would be the scene where Seb would finally find out the truth.

I will definitely pick up the third book of the series as well, which according to Goodreads is namen The Iron Crown, and I’m quite curious who this book will be about.

Rating: 3,75 stars

Vampire with benefits by E.J. Russell (review copy provided by NetGalley)

I read Vampire with Benefits right after Single White Incubus as I was approved for both of them on NetGalley and while I reviewed the Single White Incubus, I never got around to reviewing this book. Normally I love the fake boyfriend trope and vampire-shifter relationships as well, it’s just that I wasn’t totally a fan of the story overall and I didn’t like the ending. When I compare this with Single White Incubus Vampire with Benefits definitely fell through, the first book was more my style, maybe because vamp-shifter stories are plenty out there but not many incubus stories.
I still liked it enough to finish it though, there were quite some humourous scenes and I liked Rusty and Cas.

Rating: 3 stars

Game Changer by Rachel Reid (Review Copy provided by NetGalley)

After reading the second book of the series recently (which I loved), and not making the connection that Game Changer is the first book in the same series until the very end, I decided to give Game Changer another chance. I actually dnf-ed Game Changer the first time. Back then I wasn’t exactly sure why, but during my second read I figured out the why. It was too sweet and too fast for me and I hated the constant sex scenes. I started skipping them, both times. I usually love all ice hockey stories, because I’m just a sucker for them, but I think in this instance it was a “it’s me, not you”-type of situation. The later half of the book was better than the first half though and the second time around I actually finished it, that does count for something, right?

Rating: 2 stars

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