[ARC REVIEW] Hard Ride by A.M. Arthur

About the book

Hard Ride
(Clean Slade Ranch #5)
by A.M. Arthur

Publication Date: February 17th 2020

Five Weddings and a Fake Boyfriend

City slicker Derrick Massey has always had a thing for cowboys. So a roll in the hay with Kendall “Slater” Stamos during a rustic weekend wedding is more than A-OK. But when Slater’s forced to hang up his saddle for the season, Derrick surprises even himself with his proposition: be my fake boyfriend and get my family off my back about finding a permanent partner.

Though unexpected, the arrangement is a win-win. Derrick gets a plus-one for a slew of summer weddings and Slater gets a place to stay while he recuperates…with lots of casual fun in between. Which is just how the sexy cowboy likes it: casual. Yet it’s obvious the chemistry between them is anything but.

With the countdown to their “breakup” on, the more time the two men spend together. And the more it becomes clear that what they have could be real, if only they let it be.


~ ARC provided by publisher in exchange for my honest opinion

When I wrote my review for the previous book of the series I promised myself I wouldn’t request another one for review… I caved. As you can see by the title I absolute caved and hit request again. But hear me out, I had a reason. My reason being that this was A.M. Arthur’s first (!) fake boyfriend book. I never realised that she never featured that trope in one of her other books. All other series by A.M. Arthur I love, this one though is a hit and miss series for me but I definitely liked Hard Ride more than the previous book in the series.

I struggled a bit with the beginning because they had sex right at the very start and I’m not really a fan of that. I like semi-slow-burners. Thankfully it turned more into friendship and than lovers after that.

I liked the story, characters and writing style but if you were hoping for an original fake boyfriend book, you won’t find it here. Hard Ride hit every criteria for a fake boyfriend clichee story in its relationship development. At least in my book. Even the “conflict” at the end. But to be fair, you can only do so much with the trope before it turns completely unbelieveable.

I liked it and I had fun reading it but I will probably stay true to my promise now and won’t request or read the next book in the series.

Rating: 3,5 stars

3 thoughts on “[ARC REVIEW] Hard Ride by A.M. Arthur

  1. Schön zu sehen, dass du immernoch fleißig am bloggen bist! Und oh man, fake boyfriend Bücher (cliché aber eigentlich immer spannend) … kennst du die Calender Girl Reihe? Da geht’s nur darum. 😀


    • “fleißig” lol nicht wirklich, alle paar Wochen immer mal wieder 😉 ich lese eigentlich hauptsächlich nur noch, ohne wirklich zu bloggen. Calender Girl Reihe kenne ich, ist aber nicht wirklich meins lol

      Aber ich sehe, du bist auch wieder da ^^ bei dir war ja auch ein paar Jahre Stille. Willkommen zurück 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Schade schade. Ja bei mir ist die Lust zum Lesen und Bloggen gerade wieder hervorgekrochen und ich finde es total schade, dass es so lange so ruhig war. Aber irgendwie ist es auch cool, dass man mal so einen Blog angefangen hat… 😀

        Danke dir 🙂 vielleicht kommt es bei dir auch irgendwann mal richtig wieder 🙂


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