[Review] Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy

~ Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy ~

(ARES Security #1)
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult
Date of Publication: December 29th 2015 by Zebra
Source: NetGalley




From the hellhole of a Taliban prison to sweet freedom, five brave military heroes have made it home—and they’re ready to take on the civilian missions no one else can. Individually they’re intimidating. Together they’re invincible. They’re the men of ARES Security.

Rafe Vargas is only in Newton, Iowa, to clear out his late grandfather’s small house. As the covert ops specialist for ARES Security, he’s eager to get back to his new life in Texas. But when he crosses paths with Annie White, a haunted beauty with skeletons in her closet, he can’t just walk away—not when she’s clearly in danger…

There’s a mysterious serial killer on the loose with a link to Annie’s dark past. And the closer he gets, the deeper Rafe’s instinct to protect kicks in. But even with his considerable skill, Annie’s courage, and his ARES buddies behind him, the slaying won’t stop. Now it’s only a matter of time before Annie’s next—unless they can unravel a history of deadly lies that won’t be buried.

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[Review] On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy, Dianne Duvall, Rebecca Zaretti & Hannah Jayne

~ On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy, Dianne Duvall, Rebecca Zaretti & Hannah Jayne ~

Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Date of Publication: August 25th 2015 by Zebra
Source: NetGalley (384 pages)

Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon DE




Four of today’s most intriguing paranormal authors entice readers deep into the shadows, where vampires, immortals, and other supernatural creatures heat up the night…

ON THE HUNT by Alexandra Ivy
Mika Tanner has loved Bailey Morrell, a beautiful Healer, since childhood. But his duty as a Sentinel, a supernatural guardian of an ancient race, clashed with her rebellious spirit. Now a dangerous new anarchist group not only threatens life as they know it—but any chance of their being together again…

SCORPIUS RISING by Rebecca Zanetti
While searching for a meteorite, Nora Mendina is arrested by her sheriff ex-husband—who’s only gotten hotter than the Nevada desert since she last saw him. When the meteorite breaks open, the few survivors gain extraordinary powers, unleashing a crazed super genius killer. Can Nora and her ex stop the murders…while igniting a new love affair?

PHANTOM EMBRACE by Dianne Duvall
Immortal Yuri Sokolov was born with the ability to see spirits, yet he’s never seen one as lovely as Cat Seddon, the woman who haunts his home and his dreams. But amid their star-crossed love, a new danger may have Yuri facing a different kind of eternity.

STAKE OUT by Hannah Jayne
Vampire fashion designer Nina LaShay has a lot on her plate—just two days until fashion week and the model who was flirting with her photographer boyfriend is now a corpse in her studio. But when dead turns into undead and dangerous, Nina must find out who’s responsible…before the beautiful baby vamp takes too many bites out of the Big Apple.

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Book Haul + Wrap-up (July 2015)

~~ Book Haul ~~

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Freebies not included, but I only got three, so that’s progress

Physical Books


Do you now see why I need my “Killing The TBR in 10 Weeks“-Challenge?! I’m now going to put myself under a book buying ban! Also I will stop requesting books for now! No more books for me till my TBR is less than 10 books big, no better! It has to be less than 5 books big. (I will still get two pre-orders next month though, but I bought them before my buying ban, so they totally do not count, right?)

~~ Wrap-Up ~~

Last Month’ Haul and Wrap-up

Killing The TBR in 10 Weeks – Challenge


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The Friday 56 #2

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
*Post it.
*Add your (url) post below in Linky. Add the post url, not your blog url on Freda’s Voice.
*It’s that simple.

Despite the obvious warning signs, it was several hours later before Tayla truly accepted that she was in trouble.
Not just ‘crap, my soufflé deflated’ kind of trouble. Or ‘I forgot to pay the electric bill’ trouble.
This was ‘oh my god, my entire life has changed’ trouble.
~ 56% of Burned By Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

“Waiting On” Wednesday #4

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill from Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating.

_Waiting On_ Wednesday

Today I decided to feature a new book in a new series by Alexandra Ivy. It is about dragons and I can’t remember ever reading about them in a book before (if we don’t count Eragon, which I don’t).

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Top Ten Books On My TBR For Summer 2015 06/16/15

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Top Ten Books On My TBR For Summer 2015

Ten Books on my Summer TBR…. I hate making those lists, because I never read all of those books 😉 I had to look up for when to when Summer is exactly. It’s from June 21st to September 23rd, if we can believe Wikipedia.

I intend to read some of the books I have from NetGalley and are long overdue and then the new releases I’m eagerly awaiting.

Anyway, here we go (click on the covers to be taken to GoodReads):

Burned by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Publication Date: June 30th
A new series by Alexandra Ivy and it’s about dragon. Can’t wait to read it. Also it will be my first Alexandra Ivy book that I read in english. Till now I’ve only read the translations. So I’m curious to see how her actual writing style is.


Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Publication Date: July 28th
Finally the third and last installment of the Dark Elements series will be out. I can wait to see with whom Layla will end up. If she ends up with Zayne I will stab my eyes out. Also I’m curious to see how the whole conflict in the book will end. But still: Layla and Roth 4-Ever 😀

Shadow Strikes by Dianne Duvall

Publication Date: August 25th
After a good year of waiting I will finally be able to hold the new book in my hands. It’s going to be about Ethan, who I got all the feels for after one hilarous scene in the previous book. Also I can’t wait to find out who the bad guy is, hopefully we will find out this book. I’m dying out of curiousity.


Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh

Publication Date: September 1st
Finally, finally, finally we will get the story of Naasir. I love that guy, even though I have no idea what he is exactly. I just hope his significant other won’t try to tame him, because I love him as he is. But I think I have to re-read the previous book, because I’m not sure what I actually remember :/

NetGalley titles I want to read in Summer

Now I still have two spaces left, I think I’m going to read probably the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, since I just bought the first 5 books (I count them as one spot on my list. I know I’m cheating ;))

And the last book I’m thinking about reading is Sixth Grave On The Edge by Darynda Jones.

Well, this is my summer tbr of 2015. What do you plan to read? Leave your link in the comment section below 🙂


Ten Books I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer 05/26/15

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Ten Books I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer

I’m more like a mood reader, but I’m 100% positive I will read the following books in the summer.
(Click on the tiny covers to be guided to GoodReads)

Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout
It’s the last in the Dark Elements series and I just need to know how it will all end and who Layla will choose. Let it be Roth, otherwise I’m going to hit something.

Shards Of Hope by Nalini Singh
I have to confess I’m not really prone of those Psy + Psy constellations, I want my Psy + changeling couples back, but I’m going to read this one anyway. Did you know this is probably the longest series I have ever read. With Shards Of Hope it reached 13 books.

Shadow Strikes by Dianne Duvall
I’m so going to devour this. I just loved every book of this series till now and I don’t see that streak breaking. F-U-N ! … Now the Spongebob song is stuck inside my head…

A Sorceress of His Own by Dianne Duvall
This is the first in a new series of Miss Duvall. I’m kind of wary when it comes to historicals, but I will give it a try, because I love her other series. And I’m always trying to find new genres for me, because just PNR and UF gets boring with some time.

Burned by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
This is a brand-new series by Alexandra Ivy and it will feature dragons, so I’m delving into a kind-of-new supernatural theme for me. The only dragons I have ever read about are the ones from the Eragon series.

Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh
This book will be about Naasir and I really need to read this, because I must find out what Naasir is. Also that guy is adorable … in his be-careful-when-you-touch-him-otherwise-he-will-bite-of-your-hand kind of way. I’m wondering who will be his match.

Deal With the Devil by Cynthia Eden
A season list without a Cynthia Eden books wouldn’t be a list of mine, so here it is 😉 It’s the fourth book of the Purgatory series and I can’t wait to see who Eric Pate’s woman will be. I hope she lets him work a lot before she gives in.

Like I said I’m more like a mood reader, so I will stop here now. 🙂

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