[Review] Power Play by Avon Gale

About the book

Power Play
(Scoring Chances #3)
by Avon Gale

Publication Date: May 9th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

A freak accident during the Stanley Cup Playoffs put an end to Max Ashford’s hockey career. Despite everything, Max gets back into the game he loves—only this time, behind the bench as an assistant coach of the Spartanburg Spitfires, the worst team in the entire league. But nothing prepares him for the shock when he learns the new head coach is Misha Samarin, the man who caused Max’s accident.

After spending years guilt ridden for his part in Max’s accident, Russian native Misha Samarin has no idea what to do when he’s confronted with Max’s presence. Max’s optimism plays havoc with Misha’s equilibrium—as does the fierce attraction that springs up between them.

Not only must they navigate Misha’s remorse and a past he’s spent a lifetime trying to forget, but also a sleazy GM who is determined to use their history as a marketing hook. But when an unwelcome visitor targets a player, Misha revisits his darkest days, and that might cost him and Max the beginning they’ve worked so hard to build.


You might have realized that I’m currently on a M/M book reading trip and that’s absolutely true, just look at my last three reviews. LOL. Anyway, I just read all five books of the Scoring Chances series in less than four days. Admittedly in a weird order, but still, I inhaled them. I wanted to save one for new year’s eve, because I’m not that big on fireworks, but I gave in and I just finished the last one.

Because I read all five of them in that quick of a period I thought to myself I couldn’t possibly review them all, because first all those reviews would sound the same: me gushing about the book, and second I decided to just write a review about the one book of the series that made me realize something about the books I usually read.

What’s that, you’re wondering? Well, this book opened my eyes about the fact that I never – at least I can’t remember – read a book in which the two characters of the couple did not share the same first language. Yes, you might find that silly, but that really shocked me. Sure, I read a lot of books where the characters are from different countries, but their primary language is still english. Not as much in this book: Misha’s first language is russian and  although his english is really good, sometimes he gets things wrong and that was funny, also I really could relate. My first language isn’t english either, in case you haven’t noticed that yet, even though I pretty much butcher the english language with my wrong use of commas (what is the plural of comma, I’m not quite sure in english) and grammar overall. LOL.

Site note: Am I the only one that read Misha’s spoken words with a russian accent in her head the ENTIRE book? Nope? Just me… ok, I’m weird, but I really did that and not even on purpose, it just … happened and I had fun doing it. Gave Misha’s character even more dimension.

Anyway, I was talking about the book, not me. I should get back on track.

I really loved Power Play for its humour, the fact how the whole relationship between the characters played out and for the characters especially. This is one of those book where I wish I could  have amnesia, so I could forget about it and read it anew like it was the first time.

The relationship between Max and Misha was lovely and I loved the fact that Max never blamed Misha for what happened in the past. Also Drake was another one of my favourites and I was glad to read his story right after Power Play.

Also this book had ice hockey, so I was sold anyway. Duh. I love me some ice hockey and some ice hockey themed books. 🙂

If you like reading M/M books, I absolutely recommend this whole series. Read them in a weird order or the right one, does not matter the slightest. Trust me, I know. Yes, you see previous characters here and there when you start at the end of that order – like I did – but they are still all stand-alones. In my opinion.

I hope to read more books about this series and I will definitely read more books by Avon Gale, that much I can promise you.

Rating: 4,75 stars