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~ Your Future Book Tag ~

I saw this tag over at Ashley’s blog Socially Awkward Bookworm and it looked like a lot of fun, so I decided to steal it 😉 I don’t even feel sorry about it.

For this tag you have to pick 5 books – I just went to my bookshelf and picked 5 random books – and one book goes for two questions.

My Five Books

I linked the covers to Goodreads, if you want to check them out 😉

Here is the order I’m going to use them. It’s totally random:

  1. Soul Screamer Vol. 1 by Rachel Vincent
  2. First Grave On The Right by Darynda Jones
  3. Beneath These Chains by Meghan March
  4. Touch Of Frost by Jennifer Estep
  5. Reckonings by Cynthia Eden

Let’s start 🙂

1. Open book 1 to a random page. Look at the first word on the page. If it’s less than 5 letters, you will go to college. If it’s more than 5 letters, you won’t go to college. – Soul Screamer Vol.1

I flipped to page 214 and the first word is “the”, so I guess I will go to college. Yay! ;D

2. Open book 1 to a random page. The first name you see. Think of that persons job, that will be your job. Note: Is that person still in school? You will be a teacher. You don’t know that persons job? You will be unemployed. – Soul Screamer Vol.1

I flipped to page 144 and the first name on the page, also the first word, is Kaylee, so I guess I will be a teacher in my future, since Kaylee is a still going to school. HAHA

3. Open book 2 to a random page. The first name you see will be the person you will marry. – First Grave on the Right

I flipped to page 258 and the first name that popped up was Amador, Reyes’ best friend… well, I guess I could have done worse. I accept him.

4. Open book 2 to a random page. The first name you see will be your best friend. – First Grave on the Right

I flipped to page 138 and the first name was Cookie. Yes! I love Cookie, so this is perfect 🙂

5. Open book 3 to a random page. Look at the second word on the page. Count how many letters that word has, remove 2 letters. That’s how many children you will have. – Beneath These Chains

I flipped to page 106 and the first word is “busted”, that’s six letters, remove two of those and I guess I will have four kids… Lucky me… I would have been satisfied with only two, but no, I guess Amador wanted four.

6. How many children did you have? Open book 3 as many times to see who your children will be. If you have no children, open the book once. The first name you will see, will be something of your choice. A couple of examples: neighbor, father in law etc. – Beneath These Chains

I flipped to page 64 and got Elle, Constantine and Vanessa. I love those three, so no disappointment from me. Then I flipped to page 123, because my fourth child needs a name too and got Lord. He’s my favourite character of the four names, so I guess I will spoil child four.

7. Book 4: Where does this book take place? This will be the place you will live. – Touch Of Frost

This book took place in Asheville, North Carolina, so I guess I will move to the United States. Fun!

8. Open book 4 to a random place, the first name you see, does this person have a car, bike etc.? That will be your transportation in live. Note: teleporting, broom etc. is allowed. If your character had no means of transportation that you know of, you will be using public transportation. – Touch Of Frost

I flipped the book to page 124 and the first name is Nike and since she is a goddess, I guess I can teleport to every place I want.

9. Does this book 5 have any animals in it? Pick your favorite animal, that will be your pet. No animals in the book? You will have no pet. – Reckonings

I think the book has some horses in it. Dammit, I’m allergic to horses.

10. Open book 5 to a random page. The first name you see will be your enemy. – Reckonings

I flipped to page 144 and some guy’s name appeared, so I guess my enemy will be Garrison… no idea who he is.


Since I am able to teleport, I will move to Asheville in the United States and there I will go to college and work as a part-time teacher. I guess I will be a german teacher. Along my journey I will meet my soulmate Amador and we will have four children, because he wants a big family. Their names will be Elle, Vanessa, Constantine and Lord. Two girls and two boys.

My best friend Cookie will help me as much as I can make her, since she did a pretty good job with her own kid, Amber.

After some years we will get horses, even though I’m allergic, because Amador never could say no to our children.

Also I have this enemy called Garrison, just because everyone needs an enemy, even though I don’t really have a clue what Garrison did wrong. I just hate him.

This tag was so much fun!! You. Yes, you, the person who read through all this, I tag YOU! 🙂 I want to see your bookish future. Have fun and let me know your story.

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 3

And here it is: part three of the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. It was fun. Thanks for nominating me Syc.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.
Today’s quote comes from White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


People with the purest souls are capable of the

greatest evils. No one is perfect, no matter what they

are or what side they fight for.


My nominees:

Birds that loves words

Caffeine and Books

Twins turn pages


3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to part two of my little posts for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge, for which Syc @ The Lit Mermaid kindly nominated me.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.
Today’s quote is from Vampire for Christmas by Felicity Heaton.


Love was a thief. It stole your whole world from

underneath your feet and placed it into the hands of

another – someone you would deend upon, someone

you would need so badly that you couldn’t live

without them, someone who would be there in the

night to comfort you.


My nominees today are

Avid Reader

Socially Awkward Bookworm

Book Snacks

And, of course, YOU, if you feel like doing this challenge, please do! I won’t stop you 😉

Happy reading !! 😀

Random Question TAG

I saw this one over at Joey’s page Thoughts and Afterthoughts and I knew I had to do it. I wasn’t tagged. No. But I’m doing it anyway.

If you dare.

Do you like blue cheese?

No, gross!

Do you own a gun?

Do you know where I live? Getting a gun in Germany is like trying to win the lottery. Impossible! So, my answer’s no.

What flavour of Kool-Aid was your favourite?

You remember from the last question where I live, right? So… what exactly is Kool-Aid? I don’t think you can buy it here.

Do you get nervous before a doctor’s appointment?

Nope, never had that particular problem.

What do you think of hot dogs?

Why is it called hot dogs? Like seriously, why? I’m more a burger type of girl.

Favourite Christmas movie?

Die Hard 🙂 Love me some Bruce Willis who is destroying everything that is standing in his way. The first one with the skyscraper is my favourite.

What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

Depends if I’m late or not.

Can you do push ups?

Better question: can YOU?

What’s your favourite piece of jewelry?

My everyday earrings? I should probably buy new ones…

Do you have A.D.D.?

Not that I’m aware of. But I’m pretty sure those questions have it.

What’s your favourite shoe?

My Nike Air sneakers. But you’re asking for my favourite “shoe” as in singular, so am I supposed to pick between my right and left shoe? So I guess… the right one?

Middle Name?


Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?

Like right this moment?

Oh no, moment’s already over.


Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?

Water, Cocoa, Coffee

Current worry?

My plants need water.

Current hate right now?

This question. Stop destroying all my fun.

Dum da dum dummmm, what is that?

Eh, what? I don’t understand. Is this a reference of some kind?

How did you bring in the new year?

No clue! It’s already August, do I seem like a person who would still remember something that happened eight months ago? I don’t even remember what I had for dinner last night.

Where would you like to go?

USA, Australia, UK (done that last week)

Do you own slippers?

Yes, but I don’t remember where they are, so I’m running around in socks all day.

What colour shirt are you wearing right now?

Black. Yes, we could debate now that black isn’t an actual colour.

Do you sleep on satin sheets?

Haha, I wish. Cotton.

Can you whistle?

Yes, but I don’t see how this is relevant…

Favourite Colour?

Dark Green. Today.

Would you be a pirate?

If Colin O’Donough would be my captain and soulmate, yes!

What song do you sing in the shower?

If I would sing in the shower it would probably be this: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen and Underwater by Nikki Flores, but I sing them in my head, that counts, right?

What’s in your pocket right now?

Air. As in nothing but air.

Last thing that made you laugh?


This after I saw it on Joey’s post.

Best bed sheets as a child?

Do you mean favourites or like where to purchase the best bed sheets? I’m confused, please elaborate.

Do you love where you live?

A hundred percent “Yes.”

Does someone have a crush on you?

Who would a crush on me? Maybe my laptop though. He always plays the music I want to hear. I think that’s a pretty romantic gesture. Yes, he totally has a crush on me.

What’s your favourite candy?

Katjes Joghurt Gums (I’m eating some while writing this post)

Favourite sports team?

I don’t really have a favourite, but I overall like ice hockey.

Name 3 10 people who will complete this?

I totally stole this tag, so why would anyone want to complete this. I’m a thief, I need to be put behind bars. You shouldn’t encourage me. But if you still want to do it, sure, consider yourself tagged 🙂

Summertime Madness Book Tag

Freya tagged me for this, thank you 🙂 and without further ado here is my post .

1. Show a book with a Summery cover! i.e Sun, Beach etc.

I could show you a couple of books with a winter theme on the cover, but summer… I guess this has to do it. Her dress is summery, that does count, right?

2. Pick one fictional place that would be the perfect destination for your Summer Vacation!

Wilkes, South Carolina from Agnes and The Hitman. I would love to be part of that little town for a while.

3. You’re about to go on a flight to your Summer Vacation. But you want to read a book that lasts for the whole flight so what novella do you choose?

Something from my TBR list and I have a Kindle, so I don’t have to choose. I can just pick what I feel like reading. For an actual book I would pick something by Nalini Singh, Jennifer L. Armentrout or Dianne Duvall.

4. You have a case of Summertime Sadness what happy book do you pick up to shine a smile on your face?

A book by Colleen Helme, Agnes and The Hitman by Jennifer Crusie or The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Hasti Williams.

 5. You’re sitting at the beach all alone…which fictional character would be your beach babe?

Reed Miller from One Night Of Scandal by Elle Kennedy or Hunter from Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I can’t really decide. Can I just pick both?

6. To match your ice cream you want an icy cool sidekick! Which fictional sidekick do you pick?

I would choose Luc from Obsession and the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

7. Share the Summertime Happiness! Who do you TAG?

Shakera @ More Books Please Blog

Rebecca @ Ranty Runt of a Reader

Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Hello there, my dear readers. Today I decided to do the Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag, which I saw and stole from Beatrice @ DreamlandBookBlog.

I really liked her post (here) and I’m excited to see how it will turn out for me.

This tag originally started as a video and if you want to know how this actually works, check out the video here.

In short you have to do 5 simple steps: 1. Choose five (of your favourite) books 2. Turn to a random pages 3. The first name you see will be on your Zombie Apocalyse survival team 4. Apply the names to the situations 5. Be honest, how likely will you survive this apocalypse?

The Books I Choose

Since all these books are on my Kindle, I went onto random.org and let them decided a page.

I put the names of the books onto a few scraps of paper. Then I threw them into the air and the one that was the closest to me was the one I picked.

Now here is what my team looks like:

The Selection

1. The first person to die: Maxon

I’m so sorry, Maxon. Bad, zombies!

2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: America

Oops, my bad. but it’s all about survival. I’m sure you would understand that, America.

Night Unbound

3. The first person to turn into a zombie: Zach

Sure, let’s turn one of the most powerful Immortals into a zombie. I’m sure that will blow up right into our faces.

4. The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies: Bastien

After all we’ve been through, Bastien. I stood up for you when everyone else wanted to kill you. I told them, there was still hope for you. I guess I was wrong.


5. The idiot of the team: Daemon

I’m not so sure if I should believe that since he’s an alien and actually kind of smart. But ok, Daemon was struck by an other alien, so now he has a concussion and lost half of his IQ.

6. The “brains” of the team: Dee

No offense, Dee, but if you’re really the smartest, then we are all doomed.

Caressed by Ice

7. The team’s medic: Judd

He can fix people with his telekineses like he does in the book. So he is a big plus on my team.

8. The weapons expert: Ben

He’s a little kid! He’s like 4 years old. The only thing he knows how to operate is a scissor – maybe.

Third Grave Ahead

9. The brawler: Monica

I don’t know who you are, Monica, but I guess I stay out of your way?

10. The Team Captain: Charley

Charley as the Team Captain…. As much as I love her, but that girl can’t stay focused on one thing for more than ten seconds…

Result of the Team Constellation: We’re screwed. Everyone dies.

This was a lot of fun 🙂

Also since I wasn’t really tagged, I won’t tag anybody, but if you feel like doing it, go ahead 🙂

The GIF Tag (Show me your GIFs!)

Nyze from Everything Nyze nominated me for this TAG, she also made this adorable button. Really cute, right? Here is her post btw. And THANKS for nominating me 🙂 Someone finally saw my love for GIFs 😉

So here’s how it works:
-link the person who tagged you
-give 1 GIF to books that
were listed by the one who tagged you
-list 10 books for those you want to tag
-tag at least five of your friends


Books listed by Nyze

The Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer

I need to read this, maybe next year.


Under the Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi

Maybe I will read it, maybe not. :/


The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks

Just read the synopsis and this sounds really interesting. 😀


The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Love this one 🙂


The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Read the first one, but I wasn’t really thrilled :/


Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Beautiful cover, but no. I just know that this isn’t a book I would like.


The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I have no idea if I want to read this or not.


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Sounds interesting, so probably: yes?


The Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost

I honestly have no idea if I will like this, but I so want to read it.


The Strange & Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

This sounds beautiful and look at the cover, so yes, I would read it.


My List:
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Half-Blood
Nalini Singh: Kiss of Snow
Dianne Duvall: Darkness Dawns
Cynthia Eden: Angel of Darkness
Rachel Vincent: My Soul To Take
Colleen Helme: Carrots
Bec McMaster: Kiss Of Steel
Cindy Gerard: Show No Mercy
Jeaniene Frost: Once Burned
Nalini Singh: Angel’s Blood

And here are my nominees:
Sound Of A Voice
More Books Please
Brilliantly Novel
The Reading Rebel
Chelsea’s Book Obsessiom
Sadly I can’t re-nominate Nyze (or can I?), because I loved her lay-out. Someday she has to tell me how she makes everything look so beautiful. I’m kinda jealous 😉

Also on this post I wanted to show you my progress of the It’s the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon, so here it is:

Overall progress :

read , , , &

Challenge 1: 1782 of 2000 pages

Challenge 2: done!

Challenge 3: 4 out of 4 books, done!

Der “Creatures of the Night” Book TAG

Der “Creatures of the Night” Book Tag wurde von Katytastic auf YouTube erfunden. Ihr Video findet ihr hier.

Für diesen TAG nominiert wurde ich von Freya von Sound Of A Voice und ihren Post findet ihr hier. Vielen Dank für’s nominieren 🙂

Bei diesem TAG soll man sich zu jeder “Creature of the Night”-Kategorie ein Buch aussuchen und es aufführen, bei mir wurden es aber ab und zu doch zwei 😉 .
Und los geht’s 😀


Ich wähle die Immortal Guardians-Reihe von Dianne Duvall, auch wenn die Hauptcharaktere eigentlich als Unsterbliche / Immortals bezeichnet werden, aber es gibt auch Vampire in den Büchern, also shhh…. 😉
Meine Lieblingsbücher der Reihe sind die mit Bastian/Melanie und Zach/Lisette als Hauptcharaktere.



Bei den Werwölfen wähle ich die Psy/Changeling-Reihe von Nalini Singh und ja, auch hier ist nicht wirklich von Werwölfen die Rede, sondern von Gestaltenwandlern / Changelings, aber ich lese nicht wirklich Bücher mit “Werwölfen” (höchstens noch die Bloodrunner-Reihe von Rhyannon Byrd). Ich stehe auf Gestaltenwandler jeder Art, die auch hin und wieder mal Wölfe sind 🙂
Mein Lieblingsbuch dieser Reihe ist das Buch von Hawke und Sienna. Von der anderen Reihe habe ich nicht wirklich ein Lieblingsbuch, da mag ich alle.


Äh… Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, je ein Buch über Zombies gelesen zu haben, aber genau wie Freya, habe ich schon sehr oft Warm Bodies von Isaac Marion bei vielen anderen gesehen. Vielleicht sollte ich das auch mal lesen.


Bei Geistern muss ich sowohl an die späteren Bänder der Night Huntress-Reihe von Jeaniene Frost (auch wenn es da eigentlich zum großen Teil nur um Vampire geht), als auch an die Mediator-Reihe von Meg Cabot denken.


Hier muss ich auf die Kate Daniels-Reihe hinweisen, auch wenn Kate nicht im eigentlichen Sinne eine Hexe ist, da sie keine Zaubersprüche benutzt, aber sie hat Magie. Das zählt doch, oder?


Feen? Das Einzige, was mir zu Feen einfällt, wäre eine Manga-Reihe: Jeanne, die Kamikaze-Diebin oder auch Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. Die Feen sind aber irgendwie nur Nebencharaktere. Sonst hab ich nichts anderes zu bieten.


Wie auch Freya führe ich hier die Dark Elements-Reihe von Jennifer L. Armentrout an. Definitiv Team Roth.


Ich liebe die Fallen-Reihe von Cynthia Eden. Die Reihe hat alles, Engel, Gestaltenwandler, Vampire, Dämonen, aber hauptsächlich geht es um Engel.


Die einzige Alien Bücher, die ich kenne – und liebe -, sind die der Lux-Reihe von Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Menschen mit Superkräften

Hier würde ich gerne zwei Reihe anführen. Einmal die YA-Reihe Soul Screamer von Rachel Vincent (jaja, ich weiß das Kaylee nicht wirklich menschlich ist, aber das weiß sie ja am Anfang noch nicht, also zählt das?) und die Shelby Nichols-Reihe von Colleen Helme.

Ich nominiere Nyze von EverythingNyze.

The Beauty of Books TAG!

Just found this TAG created by Books And Palettes and thought: Why not do it, sure sounds like a fun idea.

So, first I’m going to thank Books and Palettes for kind of nominating me ;).

Here we go:

Eyeliner: Tell us about a book that defines who you are or that means a lot to you personally, and then show us your favorite eyeliner.
I just love Kiss Of Snow , that’s all. I’m not sure I have a book that defines who I am. Maybe Obsidian because the main character inspired me to start my own blog.
I don’t really have a favourite eyeliner. I have two and I use the one I grap first.

Top one: Catrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen   Bottom one: p2 luxurious eyeliner pen

Mascara: You can’t leave the house without mascara. It brightens your eyes and makes you look more awake after a night of not-so-much sleep. What’s one book you stayed up late to read? Then, show us your favorite mascara.

Night Unbound was the latest book for which I stayed up late. (My Review can be found here) and my favourite mascara is by Catrice as well and is called Lashes to Kill (waterproof).

Lip Balm: The best lip balms are sweet and smooth. Give us a sweet, easy read. Then, show us your favorite lip balm.
I’m not sure I own a sweet and easy read, but I love Agnes and the Hitman, it never fails to amuse me. I use two lip balms, both are from Blistex, the left one is strawberry-flavoured and the right one mango. One is always in the pocket of my jacket and the other in my bag.

Concealer: A book you are embarrassed to say you’ve read or own.
I’m not embarrassed of what I read, because I chose to read it. It was my decision and I refuse to feel shame for the books I read and love. (Also I’m really critical when it comes to books so I try to choose wisely ;)).

Nail Polish: Nail polish is like an accessory. Show us a book with a beautiful cover. Then, show us what is on your nails, if anything.
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and normally I would post a cover with a naked, male chest but I’m pretty sure that’s not what this is about. So I chose the cover of My Soul to Take, I just love the colourplay and it’s the nicest, chestfree cover I could find 😉
My nails are currently a dark gray, the polish is from Kiko and called “graphite gray”.


Sunscreen: Sunscreen goes hand in hand with the beach. Show us a book that takes place at or near a beach. Also, what are your favorite beach reads?
A book that takes place at or near a beach, oh my god, that’s a hard one. Does the bayou count, because Night Game is the only book I can think of that takes place near any kind of water.
My favourite beach reads are usually light reads, where I don’t have to think to much and don’t need to pay all my attention.


Makeup Remover: Sometimes the look you create is disappointing, so you break out the makeup remover to clear the evidence. What is a book you wanted to like that ended up disappointing you?
Burn for me ended up disappointing me, which is really sad because I normally love books written by Cynthia Eden. I just couldn’t get into the story and I couldn’t connect with the main characters.



This ended up being messier than I thought it would be – to many pictures – but it was fun :).

I would like to nominate
Sound Of A Voice
Everything Nyze

and if you want to participate and I didn’t mention you, just say so in the comments, leave your link and I will link to you in my post 🙂