[Challenge] Authors A to Z Reading Challenge


Here are the details/rules:
– The challenge runs from 1 January to 31 December 2015
– Read a book written by authors with last names from A to Z, and try to collect every letter of the alphabet
– Only last names count, so William Shakespeare would fall under S, not W
– Speaking of Shakespeare, the books you read may fall under any form/genre: prose, poetry, drama; fiction, non-fiction, academic monographs…
– Your books don’t have to be “physical” either–ebooks and audiobooks are more than welcome!
– Crossovers with other challenges and re-reads are also more than welcome!
– You do not need to have a blog or review the books in order to participate–having a list somewhere (such as GoodReads) is fine
– Come December 2015, I’ll be making a post for you to submit your completed challenges. If you manage to finish by 31 Dec 2015, then you’ll be in the running for a booktastic prize draw!

Here is my list (26/26):
AArmentrout, Jennifer L.: Wicked / Review >>
BByrd, Rhyannon: Blood Wolf Dawning / Review >>
CCross, Sarah: Tear You Apart / Review >>
DDuvall, Dianne: Night Unbound / Review >>
EEden, Cynthia : Want Me / Review >>
FFrank, Jacquelyn: Cursed By Fire / Review >>
GGlines, Abbi: Existence / Review >>
HHashway, Kelly: Curse Of Death / Review >>
IItterheim, Jessica & Diana: Schloss der Engel / German book / DNF
JJenner, Carmen: Welcome To Sugartown / Review >>
KKennedy, Elle: One Night Of Sin / Review >>
LLevine, Elaine: The Edge of Courage / Review >>
MMeyer, Marissa: The Lunar Chronicles / Review >>
NNeill, Chloe: Some Girls Bite / Review >>
OOliver, Lauren: Delirium / Audiobook / No review
PPeitsche, Cleo: Touching Paradise / DNF
QQuinn, Cari: No Flowers Required / Review >>
RRossi, Veronica: Under The Never Sky / Review >>
SStein, Charlotte: Never Loved / Review >>
TTyler, Paige: Her Wild Hero / Review >>
UUnita, Yumi: Bunny Drop / Manga, no review
VVittoria, AnnaRose: To Love A Vampire / Review >>
WWalker, Shiloh: Darker Than Desire / Review >>
X – FoX, Angie: The Accidently Demon Slayer / DNF (does this count as cheating?)
YYork, Zoe: Fall Away / Review >>
ZZanetti, Rebecca: Forgotten Sins / DNF

5 thoughts on “[Challenge] Authors A to Z Reading Challenge

  1. You’re one ahead of me! I would love to see the titles you read alongside the author names on this list for an easy overview though, I will admit.

    So you think you’ll be done by February? I am doing this one in conjunction with a challenge to read titles from A-Z. It is pretty fun, and will keep it all going for longer in the year. Might do the alphabet in titles a couple times in a row. I’m finding it is a really fun way to choose my next book without thinking too much about it.

    This is my update: http://www.bookpunks.com/2015-reading-challenge-z-back/


    • No way will I be done in February. LOL. I wish. I thought about doing the Titles A-Z challenge as well, but I decided not to do it. Collecting all 26 authors is challenge enough 😉 Changed the layout, better? 😀


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